Shownotes :: (show 241) :: () :: () :: () :: () WithJames Cameron's Avatar (movie), recorded live January 17th, 2010. This week we went to the movies to see James Cameron's Avatar, then we discussed our thoughts, the story and more. Join us for some segments, a bit of feedback; another installment and another show. Community Call Us! ::: Skype Voicemail ::: You can leave us voicemail using Skype, at: or call: -or- ::: Google Voice ::: You can also leave us voicemail with Google Voice, at: 484.235.5033; remember to hit # after the tone. Mentioned Stuff and Link(s) (during the show) OG Motivator Poster Contest It's OVER! Now Alan just has to pick the goodies, and then we'll pick our favorite.... eventually. *whistles* Okay Alan has forgot. But he will soon remember... maybe. *slaps Alan upside the back of his head with a wet trout* Bernhard Rants! (1.0) by :: () Bernhard entertains us this week with another delightful and humorous rant! (link) :: Kyle's Cartoon Corner (1.0) by :: () Kyle educates, enlightens us about cartoons and stuff! AwesomeStuff (song) :: Lake Kyle Send us or names of the cartoons you always wanted to know more about but were fraid to ask! ...and he'll answer your questions only the way can! Promos / Break Jefferson's Weird News/Stuff (1.0) by This week Jefferson shares things interests him... (link) :: , Weekly DVD Releases (1.0) by :: () 2010-01-19 Bamboo Blade Part 2 Bleach(uncut) Vol. #24 Case Closed Movie 5: Countdown to Heaven Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Part 3+Limited Edition Glass Mask Collection 1 Linebarrels of Iron Part 1 One Piece(uncut) Season 2 Part 5 Rin: Daughter of Mnemosyne Complete Series Special A Collection 2 Tsubasa, RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE Complete Series (Seasons 1-2 + Movie) Xenosaga Complete Set (Viridian Collection) Countdown: Akira Sexual Education Nickname ME! by :: () None this week. But don't let that stop you! =D We know you want one, come on admit it! Don't be shy! Email us and tell us something about you! Then you'll be uniquely identifiable among the other OG listeners! Check out the most recent nickname logo-mashup(s)! Raging Bull And some other nickname logo-mashups we did! Email us for your nickname and you'll get one as well! ...and now you get your own logo-mashup for your nickname... If you send us feedback, and you want us to nickname you, email us, at: With somewhere in the subject: NICKNAME ME NOTE: If we've already nicknamed you, you can't be re-nicked... unless you plead... lots! ...and we mean LOTS!!! =D For Podcast promos or MP3 Feedback, email us, at: With the exact subject: MP3 PROMOTION :: (for podcast promos) MP3 FEEDBACK :: (for audio feedback) In the body of the message, put: Your Name Your Podcast Your website Brief copy about your podcast for us to read NOTE: No copyrighted music, or clips! We won't play promos with this kind of content! Unless you own the copyright, and have given us written authorization! Join us next week... for something... vague and non descript. Cause we like it that way! A new show every Wednesday, so "podcast-in" with us! Download us, snear at us, but give us a listen... and maybe we won't respect you in the morning... *meh* It's January! So please bribe us delicious pie or cake or cookies (like Traeonna does)! ...and if you can't do that will take your pitty or votes and [insert OG-bribes here]. We appreciate the votes, donations, and comments even if we don't read them on the show... and iTunes reviews... even here: . Word-of-mouth advertising is also appreaciated. Thanks for the support, and the people who have been voting for us! Z4H VOOOT3Z...they melt in your podcast, not in your vote!!

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