NOTE: This was also cross posted in the otakugeneration LJ community. Shownotes :: (show 021) :: (website) :: (podcast feed) :: (direct download) :: (direct iTunes link) With the Halloween Show, recorded live on October 31st, 2005. This week we talked about japanese horror films, listened to audio feedback from Apocalypse-D! Plus, you get to meet Paul's sister, Niki. She hangs with us on the cast, and shares some stories about Paul! We didn't have a guest this week, but you won't be disappointed! ::: Skype Voicemail ::: You can now leave us voicemail using Skype, at: otakugeneration or call: (610) 628.3154 Mentioned Link(s) (during the show) Neko vs Car MonsTURD Ghost Stories Hello Anime! (I once again forgot to mention something during the podcast; please look forward to this review next week!) Otaku News Dance Plumber Dance Asteroid Avoid 101 Dial S for music Tokyo Jihen, (link 2) Promos Apocalypse Dowell's - Brace for Impact (podcast novel) R5 Central Podcast Mondays Podcast Weekly Reviews by Kyle Dragon Ash Well this week, Kyle had us do something interesting, you definately want to listen to this part of the show! Gadget Reviews (with Tech Guru Todd) The Toy Crucifix iPod Shuffle Garmin 7200 and 7500 Target’s Home Arcade Machine (retro toy of the week) Paul-Torret's This week Paul-Torret's is back, but told by Paul's sister, Niki. Check out what she has to say! For Podcast promos or MP3 Feedback, email us, at: With the exact subject: MP3 PROMOTION :: (for podcast promos) MP3 FEEDBACK :: (for audio feedback) In the body of the message, put: Your Name Your Podcast Your website Brief copy about your podcast for us to read Join us next week, as we will talk with Jennifer Shiman from Angry Alien Productions, who brought the internet one of the greatest web cartoon/animation ideas ever!! Movies re-enacted in 30 seconds... by bunnies!! It's genious and funny, and we talk with Jennifer Shiman next week, so check that out! It's a new month! Please vote for us at any of the following placese:,,,, and/or Thanks for the support, and the people who have been voting for us! You rock! =D

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