NOTE: This was also cross posted in the otakugeneration LJ community. Shownotes :: (show 097) :: (website) :: (podcast feed) :: (direct download) :: (direct iTunes link) With the Music (srs) Show, recorded live on April 6th, 2007. This week Alan is traveling because of business. So we couldn't record a show. To ensure you had your weekly entertainment, we're bringing you a special reservation show full of PMN music and more! Enjoy! Next week we will resume our standard otaku-ness! Call Us! ::: Skype Voicemail ::: You can leave us voicemail using Skype, at: otakugeneration or call: (610) 628.3154 ::: K7 Voicemail ::: You can also leave us voicemail with a west coast phone number: (206) 984-2069 ::: GoogeTalk Voicemail ::: You can also leave us voicemail with GoogleTalk, at: ::: Gizmo ::: You can also leave us voicemail with using Gizmo, at: otakugeneration The OG LamePoll by Alan This is an application Alan built long ago... so we're going to put it to use... Take this weeks new LamePoll!!! (the poll ends on the Monday of the recording, will we mention the results on the new show. If you're interested, you can see last week's poll results here. The Playlist :: (on Osaka Rap :: by Alex Brooke Ducktape for my Duckhole :: by Veil Music A Favor House Atlantix :: by Coheed and Cambria Baby Hates Me; (or bryce) :: by Danko Jones Powers :: by Blackalicious Where can I get a BOOYAH? :: by Kyle A. Carrozza Bump :: by Kyle A. Carrozza Sheep in the Morning :: by Kyle A. Carrozza Booty Voodoo :: by Lee Coulter She's Dead :: by Jim's Big Ego Get Your Light Up :: by Coconi The Lie :: by Clea Title and Registration :: by Death Cab for Cutie I Write Sins not Tragedies :: by Panic at the Disco Time to Dance :: by Panic at the Disco Your Words :: by Kelly Mueller Mr. T :: by Mix Master Mandy Dance Under the Stars :: by Peter Toh I See Dead People :: by Anonymous Yeah Yeah (Stomp the Bleachers) :: by Wylde Bunch Get Your Action :: by Jessey Moss There's So Manu Ways to Kill You :: by Madsumo When You're Around :: by Motion City Soundtrack He Is :: by Chrissy Chinese Phrasebook :: by Freak Accident Any Wet :: by Descention River of Joy :: by Black Lab No Backbone :: by The Lemonheads Not on the Radio :: by Geoff Smith Hanging On :: by Valley Lodge 3-Word (2.0) by Kip Go to the 3-Word forum thread and add to the story! Nothing this week... cause Alan is away, on bizznesss. Next week we'll read from where we last left off. Nickname ME! by Alan :: ( None this week... Please tell us something about yourself... than we'll give you a nick! This way you can be uniquely identifiable among the other OG listners! If you send us feedback, and you want us to nickname you, email us, at: With somewhere in the subject: NICKNAME ME NOTE: If we've already nicknamed you, you can't be re-nicked... unless you plead... lots! ...and we mean LOTS!!! =D For Podcast promos or MP3 Feedback, email us, at: With the exact subject: MP3 PROMOTION :: (for podcast promos) MP3 FEEDBACK :: (for audio feedback) In the body of the message, put: Your Name Your Podcast Your website Brief copy about your podcast for us to read NOTE: No copyrighted music, or clips! We won't play promos with this kind of content! Unless you own the copyright, and have given us written authorization! Join us next week... for something... less lame! There will be a new show on Wednesday, so "podcast-in" with us! You know you'll want listen and see if there really is a "duckhole"! So, download us, give us a listen... and maybe we still won't explain the "3 more times" thing from... nevermind the reference is old, this poart of the show notes should be changed! Yes? No? It's still April!! So vote for us! [insert something OG-Uber animation-nal (if that's even a word) here... alan is always still up on tuesday night, cause it's late ((>.

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