NOTE: This was also cross posted in the LJ community. Shownotes :: (show 125) :: () :: () :: () :: () With the Horror Show and recorded live on October 29th, 2007. This week we defaulted to the Halloween / Horror Show... because the show release day is Halloween! So in our unique way we celebrated Halloween... with feedback, the contest, conversation with segments. So join us this week for our special and very odd and last installment of this month! At the very least, download the show to hear the opener... cause I spent more time on it than I should... which means you are required now to download it! =D NEWS: Vas built something unique for IE7 and FF 2.0 users... a search option for OGlink () and shortner () that will let you get to the shortner/oglink redirect pages quicker! Check it out! Call Us! ::: Skype Voicemail ::: You can leave us voicemail using Skype, at: or call: -or- ::: GoogeTalk Voicemail ::: You can also leave us voicemail with GoogleTalk, at: ::: Gizmo ::: You can also leave us voicemail with using Gizmo, at: Mentioned Stuff and Link(s) (during the show) OG Manga / Comic Contest We finally figured out what you the audience likes for contests... so Dan came up with a manga/comic contest... for which the winners will get a book of the contest... confused? Here's the deal... every few weeks... Dan will come up with a new manga/comic frame... with an empty comic bubble and it's your job to fill it in and modify for everyones entertainment. The lowdown... Dan says NO MEMEs! If you use one... it better be HAWT SHIZNIT... otherwise, get creative. Anyhow this week... we had one more entries that are pretty good. But to get started download the 1st frame ... but listen to the show to find out why want to download this file! Dan finally remembered to the 2nd contest-frame (thanks to Jefferson)... so download it now!! You want to win this prize pack! There's unique OG merch, the eventual book of the contest (listen to the show for details)... give-a-ways... including some signed stuff from past guests. So what are you waiting for? Enter the contest now! Convention Schedule (1.0) by Promos / Break ; at the start of the show Fanboy Forecast (1.0) by :: () (anime) :: (anime) :: (anime) :: Nickname ME! by :: () None this week... Please tell us something about yourself... than we'll give you a nick! This way you can be uniquely identifiable among the other OG listners! If you send us feedback, and you want us to nickname you, email us, at: With somewhere in the subject: NICKNAME ME NOTE: If we've already nicknamed you, you can't be re-nicked... unless you plead... lots! ...and we mean LOTS!!! =D For Podcast promos or MP3 Feedback, email us, at: With the exact subject: MP3 PROMOTION :: (for podcast promos) MP3 FEEDBACK :: (for audio feedback) In the body of the message, put: Your Name Your Podcast Your website Brief copy about your podcast for us to read NOTE: No copyrighted music, or clips! We won't play promos with this kind of content! Unless you own the copyright, and have given us written authorization! Join us next week... for more talkshoe and something called a "podcast talky"? O.o Your guess is just as good as mine. A new show every Wednesday, so "podcast-in" with us! Download us, snear at us, but give us a listen... and maybe we won't respect you in the morning... *meh* It's still October (for a day)! So vote for us in November... and beyond! Stab the OG-ness on a pumpkin! [insert something OG-Uber scremo-oOo-mation-nal (if that's even a word) here... alan is always still up on tuesday night, cause it's late ((>.

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