In this episode of Screentone Club, Elliot and Andy are torn between multiple realms - the spoooooky yokai realm in In/Spectre and the world of the Renaissance in Arte!Series Discussed: In/Spectre Vol. 1, Arte Vol. 1Assignments for next Episode: Can Someone Please Explain What's Going On?! Vol. 1, The Gods LieIf you enjoy this episode, please consider backing us on Patreon - from only US$1 a month you get bonus episodes and other perks as well, including the ability to vote on topics for us to cover!We are also now affiliates on Bookwalker! Using this link will give us a small kickback, helping cover the cost of manga for the podcast!TIMECODES:0:02:15 - Elliot’s Pick - In/Spectre Vol. 10:04:30 - Elliot cannot pronounce Sarazanmai0:08:45 - Oops we Made the Setting Boring!0:14:00 - Light Novel Force Multiplier0:19:30 - Manga Female Character Syndrome0:24:00 - Andy’s Pick - Arte Vol. 10:27:45 - Pushing past the “Interesting Bit”0:28:30 - “Not What I Was Here For”0:32:15 - Ganbaru! 0:34:30 - Kaoru Mori Shoutout!0:36:45 - The Renaissance: Kind of a Big Deal!0:42:30 - DOKI DOKI TIME0:46:30 - How to: Historical Manga0:47:15 - Picks for next Episode, Closedown!

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