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The science in Dr. STONE is indistinguishable from magic

Sometimes you don't need science. Sometimes you need a more direct approach.

I don't know why PLUTO is written in all caps

To tell you the truth, these don't look like horns to me.

Azaka is the only Kara no Kyoukai character with any charisma

I'd like to point out Azaka was voiced by Fujimura Ayumi who has since gone on "indefinite hiatus" for her own reasons. It's unfortunate that she stopped. I…


If you think girls kissing will make Akikan! worthwhile, maybe watch Simoun instead.

Chainsaw Man is still good

It turns out Makima is not always nice. Who knew?

Here we go again (Umimi 2023)

Yeah, I still haven't opened this one either.

Dr. STONE is still good

Is it worth pointing out this season does involve cross-dressing?

[Oshi no Ko] is about revenge

Not yet covered by the anime is a manga-to-theater arc that I enjoyed.

U149 is about shimpy kids

Miria's episode in the regular Cinderella Girls anime was good. Speaking of which, is Miria still a member of Decoration? Are Rika and Kirari now going through a…

I've stopped watching anime-original episodes of Detective Conan

I did not actually watch this episode. I just skipped through it to find a scene where Ran bends over. Ran bends over a lot in this show.

I'm still watching season two of Maou-kun Goes to Maou High School

Considering how well the first one turned out, you'd think they would have considered having more kids.

In/Spectre S2 is my favorite show this season

It's fine. She specifically asked for approval first.