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Tropical-Rouge! Precure? Still good

Monday follows Pretty Cure as surely as sparks fly upward.

20 years

There is no secret content for this entry.

The Walther P99, Mireille's pistol in Noir

You can tell this is not a first-generation P99 because the trigger guard lacks the little ski jump.

I'd rather watch more Two Car than watch more Super Cub

I am more appreciative than Koguma of the way Reiko eats curry.

There are more than a thousand episodes of Detective Conan now

I guess it's a good thing Kogoro seems to enjoy his constant blackouts.

I like Back Arrow because it is bullshit

All right, you're not worthless anymore, but you're still not great.

I get the feeling 86 Eighty Six is about interracial dating instead of war

I think technically the title is not 86 Eighty Six (and it's definitely not 86 Eighty-Six). I think its 86 Eighty Six.


I'm certain Chise would be a better pilot than Yomogi.

Super Cub hits like a truck

I don't know why she doesn't use a spoon.

Higurashi gets good after 74 episodes

Am I going to go back and watch the previous 61 episodes I missed? Uh, let me get back to you later on that. I can't let this go. This…

The CZ 75, Rico's pistol in Gunslinger Girl

I bought a CZ 75 because of Rally Vincent. True story. Rally would insist on an early "short-rail" variant instead, though.

Back Arrow is full of idiots

I like Atlee, but maybe it's just because of her hat.

This is an IDOLY PRIDE spoiler, but I don't think it matters anymore

I do appreciate TrySail (and Sphere) appearing as rival idol groups.

Kamisama ni Natta Hi is not a good anime

Somewhat surprisingly, the kid sister turned out to be a genius.

Golden Kamuy is the best show of the season

Sugimoto embarks on another culinary adventure. I probably don't mention Golden Kamuy enough, considering how good it is. Its third season is easily the best show from the…

More more more Autumn 2020 impressions

She's no Aoba from Cross Game, but I've enjoyed how Mutsuko has pitched so far.