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I’m probably going to drop Giji Harem even though I like Hayamin

Maybe the anime will keep me watching by unlocking more characters each episode.

Yeah, I'm still watching Demon Slayer

I'm probably supposed to feel something about his arrival.

I thought I would have dropped Blue Archive by now

This probably carries more weight for viewers who have a reason to care about Hoshino.

Shuumatsu Train Doko e Iku is amazing

Every episode is jammed. There are no wasted moments, even when they're simply looking out the window.

Jii-san Baa-san Wakagaeru is about grandpa and grandma turning young again

I still think it's weird Grandpa and Grandma brought their aerodynamic granddaughter and her chicken shit date with them on their delayed honeymoon, but it worked out.

Ooi! Tonbo: Life is like golf

You're always trying to put it in the hole.

I don't know why I'm still watching Sasaki and Peeps

Not Madoka wearing Not Kyubey's pelt as a battle costume accessory was the best gag of the series.

I've got 99 Levels but a Maou ain't one

I have to assume Patrick's absence from this party means he's secretly the Demon Lord.

The elf is most delicious in Dungeon Meshi

I'm saving all the wild reactions for the 𝕏-Twitter.

The End of Otona Pretty Cure ~Air/My Purest Heart for Cure Wrecking Machine~

Just so you know, a scorned 30-something Cure Dream with a litter of fairy mascots and a deadbeat ex-husband who refuses to pay child support may very well…

I still don't know why PLUTO is written in all caps

The absurdity of Uran's introduction took me out of the show for a while, to tell you the truth.

I liked it better when Cure Bright and Cure Windy did it

It doesn't seem to be winter here. Aren't you two hot as fuck in those coats?

The science in Dr. STONE is indistinguishable from magic

Sometimes you don't need science. Sometimes you need a more direct approach.

I don't know why PLUTO is written in all caps

To tell you the truth, these don't look like horns to me.

Azaka is the only Kara no Kyoukai character with any charisma

I'd like to point out Azaka was voiced by Fujimura Ayumi who has since gone on "indefinite hiatus" for her own reasons. It's unfortunate that she stopped. I…


If you think girls kissing will make Akikan! worthwhile, maybe watch Simoun instead.

Chainsaw Man is still good

It turns out Makima is not always nice. Who knew?