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Megami Paradise

Sometimes, Orphan's path to a project is so convoluted that even I can't quite figure out how we got there. That's pretty much the case with...

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Amatsuki Re-Revisited

You might wonder, with good reason, why Orphan is releasing a new version of Amatsuki , six years after our first release. That release is q...

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Apfelland Monogatari

For some time, BlueFixer has been looking for a better source to redo the 1992 movie Apfelland Monogatari ( The Tale of Apfelland ). When a ...

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“Les Sciences et Les Fantasies,” from Sakitcho Dakedemo/Even Just the Tip by Tojitsuki Hajime

Scanlators love to break up anthologies into their various chapters. In this case, the whole of Sakitcho Dakedemo is over here, but for some reason the singular chapter…

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Eiyuu Banka Koushi-den

In these disastrous times since the 2016 US election, I've taken solace in watching (and endlessly rewatching) The Great British Baking Sho...

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