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Ideas for 2021

After 2020, "plans" seems altogether too strong a word for Orphan Fansubs' projects in 2021. So rather than write down some impossible set of goals, or even an…

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Status 2020

Current status: Makoto-chan the movie. In QC.Rail of the Stars. In QC. Sweet Spot. In RC. Saiyuuki 1960 HD. In RC.Bocchan. In editing.There's still plenty of backlog. Stalled at…

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Famous Anime Podcast – Mat Sports

This week Gary Hedges joins us to decide which boxing, MMA and wrestling anime are worthy of the term FAMOUS. Brian forgets to mention that Kinnikuman was already…

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Redshift #27

This post is late—too late—but on the plus side, it exists, which is the preferable option if you have to choose between the two! We’ve once again gathered…

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