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Tengai Makyou

Our 300th release, or at least that's what is says on the release page. Orphan starts out 2023 on the right note with the first English-subt...

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2022 in Review

2022 winds down as catastrophically as most other recent years. The war in Ukraine grinds on. A "tripledemic" rages in the US. Covid has ret...

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The Manga Review: Super-Sized Edition

Before I get to this week’s links, a quick programming note: next week’s Manga Review will be my last of 2022. Expect a round-up of podcast and review…

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Laughing Target

Orphan concludes (for now) its Rumiko Takahashi festival with the third Rumic World OVA, 1987's Warau Hyouteki ( Laughing Target ). This is...

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December 1990 Pt. 8 Manga round-up

 We still had a few on-going Manga comic-books and Anime based comic-books that could be still found “On the racks” in December of 1990, suc...

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Featured image for Anime OVAs You Missed - 3x3 Eyes, Bio Hunter, and The Laughing Target (Halloween Special)Background image for Anime OVAs You Missed - 3x3 Eyes, Bio Hunter, and The Laughing Target (Halloween Special)

Anime OVAs You Missed - 3x3 Eyes, Bio Hunter, and The Laughing Target (Halloween Special) In this episode debut of season 4, we cover three classic OVA series from the 90s. 3x3 Eyes also known as Sazan Eyes is a top 90s anime ova…


Featured image for (Maris) The ChoujoBackground image for (Maris) The Choujo

(Maris) The Choujo

I'm not as familiar with the works of Rumiko Takahashi as an anime fan ought to be. I've never watched Maison Ikkoku , Urusei Yatsura , Ranm...

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Out of Gas

You've probably noticed that Orphan's releases this year lean heavily towards re-releases of past projects or of previously fansubbed material. Basically, the group is out of gas; our…

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Ideas for 2021

After 2020, "plans" seems altogether too strong a word for Orphan Fansubs' projects in 2021. So rather than write down some impossible set of goals, or even an…

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Featured image for Cool Cool ByeBackground image for Cool Cool Bye

Cool Cool Bye

When a laserdisc of the 1986 fantasy OVA Cool Cool Bye turned up in a pile of discs the team bought in Japan, I thought it would…

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Rumik World: THE LAUGHING TARGET (1987)

I revisit one of Rumiko Takahashi's lesser known works.

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Evidence #19 (or rather #5): V.Max (Vol.2 Issue #1, 1993)

After 3 years, this blog still not gonna hurt nobody... Wow, 3 years already... Has it been that long since my first post?…

Anime of Yesteryear