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Fire Tripper

Orphan's Rumiko Takahashi mini-festival continues with 1985's OVA Fire Tripper . This is a terrific time-travel adventure, the first of the ...

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Kimami ni Idol

Kimama ni Idol (Free-Spirited Idols) is a 1990 comedy OVA based on a manga by Kotani Kenichi. It tells the madcap tale of three teenage girl...

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Choujikuu Romanesque Samy: Missing 99

Choujikuu Romanesque Samy: MISSING 99 ( Superdimensional Romanesque Samy: MISSING 99 ) is a 1986 sci-fi fantasy that makes no sense along m...

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Makoto-chan the Movie

Some western anime audiences are familiar with Crayon Shin-chan , a very long running Japanese anime series about a five-year-old boy with l...

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