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Nana Toshi Monogatari

Here's another project that BlueFixer asked Orphan to redo: the two-part sci-fi OVA Nana Toshi Monogatari: Hokkyokukai Sensen ( A Tale of S...

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To-Y Blu-ray

To-Y is a 1987 OVA about a Japanese indie rock band and its lead singer. It is based on a ten-volume manga by Kamijou Atsuji. To-Y …

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OSMcast: Fist of the North Star (1986 Movie) 11-02-2009

Chances are, if you are looking up from the ground at this man... You're already toast. After talking about Black Lion and Brutal Legend we felt, “Why stop here?”…

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OSMcast: Black Lion 15 10-05-2009

Black Lion A podcast that primarily deals with anime (and video games) talks about a anime? Shocking! This time, we take on Go Nagai’s _BLACK LION! _ OSMnotes Black Lion is…

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OSMcrap: “The REALLY real real AWA 15 Experience (abridged)”

The Ozone Commandos also keep things real Once again we bring the real scoop on what really goes down at anime cons. This time we went to the fifteenth…

OSMcast! Anime, Games, Interviews, & More!