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Featured image for An Ode to Tsuritama, a Show that No Longer ExistsBackground image for An Ode to Tsuritama, a Show that No Longer Exists

An Ode to Tsuritama, a Show that No Longer Exists

For the past two years, I’ve been spending Saturday nights online with an anime club based in Maryland. Most of what they watch each week are popular

Anime Herald

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Animecast: Sony Ate My Crunchyroll

The hosts of the Otaku Spirit Animecast are here to give the rundown on anime news of today. Listen in and get caught up, or just get their…

Otaku Spirit

Featured image for Animecast: Anime That Need More AttentionBackground image for Animecast: Anime That Need More Attention

Animecast: Anime That Need More Attention

The hosts of the Otaku Spirit Animecast give a rundown of many titles that they believe didn’t get enough spotlight in the anime fandom. Listen in and prepare…

Otaku Spirit

Planet With – Turns Out I’m A Mecha Fan…

Titles: Planet With Genre: Action, Science Fiction, Mecha, Existential Angst, Coming of Age, drama Episodes: 12 Studio: J.C. Staff There are things in life that are out of…

I drink and watch anime

Favourite Anime I watched in 2020– They may have come out years ago

Once again it’s time for a favourite anime of the year post. I have a bit of a tradition with these posts! It’s a pretty straight up tradition,…

I drink and watch anime

More Anime to Watch During the Quarantine

A few months back I wrote a blog with 10 anime to watch while quarantined. Unfortunately, it seems like we are going to be quarantined for a long…

A Certain Dazed Producer

Re:ZERO Season 2 Episode 35 (ep 10) – The Witch’s Tears and the Apostle of Greed

Re:ZERO Season 2 Episode 35: Subaru tells Satella he prefers Echidna. There were consequences. Plus, Emilia ascendant! Ram gets snarky!

Crow's World of Anime

Shonen Flop Recommends #5: Cowboy Bebop

It feels kind of redundant to write an article recommending Cowboy Bebop. It’s the perennial “anime for people who don’t like anime” because it’s so damn cool that…

Shonen Flop

Episode 664: Weathering With Peter Grill

This week on Anime Pulse we got what monster girls you like, another animation studio succumbs to the COVID financial drain, and traveling with a girl who can…

Anime Pulse

Behold, the Universe is Full of Blessings!

Now that we’re in our own version of the apocalypse…what did Owari no Seraph, Parasyte and others predict about the end?

The Animanga Spellbook

Featured image for Year 1 Issue 26Background image for Year 1 Issue 26

Year 1 Issue 26

Arcadia Dragnet, Year 1, Issue 26 June 24 - 30, 2020 Finally! Finally I'm all caught up! Welcome back to…

Arcadia Dragnet

Episode 656: Planet the Third

This week Anime Pulse talks about Norio Wakamoto, how long to make anime these days, and car trouble. Up first the IRL news has Joseph worried that his…

Anime Pulse

[April 2020 Tour] Planet With: Peace In Our Time

Hey new travelerss, old travelers, and those that follow somewhere in-between. I am back to write an OWLS post after taking a month off for Mecha March. I…

Mechanical Anime Reviews

Tower of God Ep.3 – Rak the Genius

There’s a novella by Isaac Asimov called Nightfall. It’s about this planet with three suns so one is always shining and then for the first time in remembered…

I drink and watch anime

Log Time Podcast | Planet With Discussion — "Do You Think He Ever Found the Bathroom?"

Planet With is a trip – alien animals that eat people to become mechs, a maid princess, dragons, super sentai warriors, and all sorts of other wild stuff…

The Backloggers

Anime Feminist’s Top 25 Anime of the Decade

The Roaring Twenties are right around the bend! Before we turn that corner and leave the Turbulent Tens behind us, we wanted to lavish some love on the…

Anime Feminist

[One] Over and Over Again

A little over three and a half months ago, I found myself lying awake in the middle of the night in a hotel room on the other side…

A Carriage Return

Top 10 Anime Couples

It is time for a new top list. This is my top 10 anime couples. Not ships, couples. I have never been a fan of shipping and the…

A Certain Dazed Producer

Why Am I Still Watching Sword Art Online?!?

The 5-hour analysis blitz is BACK! Special Thanks to Somewhat_Special for the submission as we try to answer the question of "why am I watching this even though…

Replay Value

Clair de Lune - A Thematic Journey Through Anime

As I've had some serious writers block - I decided to challenge myself to edit a "thematic evolution" without using the same anime twice in the video. Clair…

Replay Value

Featured image for Planet With- quirky, fun and gentleBackground image for Planet With- quirky, fun and gentle

Planet With- quirky, fun and gentle

Planet With is a quirky little show that had fallen on my radar due to the small mention of it on Sakuga blog. I finally had the time…


OSMcast! Show #146: The OSMawards: Top 15 in 2018

2018 was a year. A year were things happened.Mostly terrible, but there was some stuff hiding around, poking about. At the very least, fifteen things. Well, actually sure…

OSMcast! Anime, Games, Interviews, & More!

12 Anime Things that Made Me Happy in 2018

2018 was yet another year of evolution in my journey as an anime fan. Throughout the year, I spent less time watching anime and less time engaging in…

Mage in a Barrel

[12 Days 2018] Day 12: Best of Anime, Part 2!

Another year of anime and blogging in the books! Thank you all for reading the 12 Days of Anime posts until now. To end off, we take a…

Through the painting

[12 Days 2018] Day 11: Best of Anime, Part 1!

Welcome to Through the Painting’s third iteration of the annual Top Anime Awards! This is where I run through what I’ve seen of this year’s anime and award…

Through the painting

[12 Days 2018] Day 5: HYYYYPE (courtesy of Thunderbolt Fantasy 2)

Management: 12 Days of anime continues with the highlights of Autumn: our glorious Chuuni Wuxia Puppets With the end of Planet With, the fog lifted to reveal a stacked…

Through the painting

[12 Days 2018] Day 4: Planet With: Violence, Love, and Redemption

Management: 12 days of Anime continues with Planet With, the highlight of the Summer. Spoilers ahead. This Summer was an OK season with some highlights. HeroAca continued its Saturday…

Through the painting


Planet With: cos who doesn't love shows about giant cats and angry teens battling superheroes and aliens in giant robots? Yes, we know the footage is all flipped and…

We Heart Giant Robots :: (Show #700) Planet With

Shownotes :: (show 700) :: (website) :: (podcast feed) :: (direct download) :: (direct iTunes link) With Planet With, recorded live November 7th, 2018. This week we…

otakugeneration's Podcast

Planet With: Sealing Away Those Who Stray From The Path of Love

In a season where everyone was talking about Hero Academia and Attack on Titan, the actual best anime of the season goes unnoticed by many. Planet With is…

Nanaca Sakura