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Featured image for Today’s Robits: July 2022, Coincidentally RedBackground image for Today’s Robits: July 2022, Coincidentally Red

Today’s Robits: July 2022, Coincidentally Red

“Robit” is an online slang used as alternative to the word “robot.” Prior to my reboot of the site in 2019, I’ve been doing a series of posts…


Featured image for Shiroi Suna no Aquatope ReviewBackground image for Shiroi Suna no Aquatope Review

Shiroi Suna no Aquatope Review

Oh boy. It’s another P.A. Works show set in a town that’s next to the ocean. Because NagiAsu, Kuromukuro, Irozuku, and Glasslip all turned out to be bangers.…

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Maybe I Should Continue Watching The Series? MODEROID Kuromukuro

Last September, Good Smile Company revealed that they are producing a MODEROID kit for Kuromukuro, an anime from studio P.A. Works in celebration of its fifth anniversary. We…


5th Anniversary Special: MODEROID Kuromukuro

September 2021 marks the 5th anniversary for the broadcast conclusion of Kuromukuro, an anime from P.A. Works created for the company’s 15th anniversary. It tells the story of…


More Anime to Watch During the Quarantine

A few months back I wrote a blog with 10 anime to watch while quarantined. Unfortunately, it seems like we are going to be quarantined for a long…

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Anime Series Like Gibiate

In the year 2030, Earth has been overrun by a disease that turns humans into freakish monsters. Joining a small group searching for a cure are a samurai…

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First Impressions: Spring 2016 – Part 5

Okay – last bunch of first impressions!  Only thing that hasn’t aired that I want to watch is Magi: Sinbad no Bouken, but not waiting around any more…

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