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Bradley Meek joins the show to discuss the 2013 television anime from Toei Animation and director Rie Matsumoto, Kyousougiga.

The Dynamite In The Brain Anime Podcast

Gods, Names, and Weirdness – Kyousougiga Spoiler Review

I’ll come out and say this at the start: Kyousougiga might be the strangest anime I’ve seen to date. It’s not that any particular element is too far…

Harper Anime Reviews

Favourite Anime I watched in 2020– They may have come out years ago

Once again it’s time for a favourite anime of the year post. I have a bit of a tradition with these posts! It’s a pretty straight up tradition,…

I drink and watch anime

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Kyousougiga: A lot of things, A lot of Meaning

Ok, I’m not going to speak hypothetically here. Do any of you have that one anime you’ve enjoyed to the point that you couldn’t summarize it the second…

Mechanical Anime Reviews

#OshiiOct Ghost in the Shell (1995): Blue Transcendence

There has been a lot of things that I’ve been worried to write about. Anime like Evangelion, FLCL, Utena, and Kyousougiga. That last one is one I’ve finally…

Mechanical Anime Reviews

Top 6 Anime that Made Me Cry

I couldn’t cut it down to 5. That’s How much of a crybaby I am! I guess I should preface this by letting you all know that I…

I drink and watch anime

My Top 6 Anime Sceneries

A little while ago…actually I have no clue when this will actually publish so maybe some months ago… I watched A Whisker Away and I was completely charmed…

I drink and watch anime

Black Jack: The Movie – Performance Comes with A Cost

Ok, I’m going to be honest with all of you on two things. The first one is this post is a replacement for the Kyousougiga post that I…

Mechanical Anime Reviews

Koudai Watanabe (渡邊巧大) MAD

Anime used in this video: DBS: Broly Tiger Mask W Kyousougiga Pokemon: Twilight Wings Tanken driland 1000 nen no mahō One Piece: 3D2Y DBS: Resurrection F One...

Sakuga Boy

Kyousougiga Left Me Speechless

Genre : Comedy, drama, spiritual, slice of life, romance, rabbits, magical girl Episodes: 10 Studio: Toei Animation   This one is going to be a little different. Maybe…

I drink and watch anime

#7 — Kyousougiga (2013)

I can accept this place as my home, just like any other. Kyousougiga is many things. It’s the television directorial debut of Rie Matsumoto, who had previously worked…

atelier emily

Anime Feminist’s Top 25 Anime of the Decade

The Roaring Twenties are right around the bend! Before we turn that corner and leave the Turbulent Tens behind us, we wanted to lavish some love on the…

Anime Feminist

Oregairu's Genuine Scene - Subtext to Text and Beyond

Oregairu (My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong as I Expected / Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatteiru) is one of my favorite romance anime, especially Season 2…

Replay Value

Kyousougiga and The Career of Director Rie Matsumoto

It says a lot when I can fall in love with a director after just one of their works. Rie Matsumoto stole mine and many others’ hearts after…

Sakura Sunrise

Clair de Lune - A Thematic Journey Through Anime

As I've had some serious writers block - I decided to challenge myself to edit a "thematic evolution" without using the same anime twice in the video. Clair…

Replay Value

Are Original Stories Superior to Adaptations?

Are original stories superior to stories that are being adapted into a new medium? We answer that question by plunging into a tangible benefit of adapting material and…

Replay Value

The Temple in the Mountains – Japan 2018 Photo Journal (pt 2)

~ and now, a journey to visit the wonderful, magical Looking Glass City ~

Zubat's Grove :: (Show #611) Kyousougiga

    Shownotes :: (show 611) :: (website) :: (podcast feed) :: (direct download) :: (direct iTunes link) With Kyousougiga, recorded live February 19th, 2017. This week,…

otakugeneration's Podcast

Top 20 Anime of 2013

After a barrage of really good series last year, 2013 stepped things back a little to take a breather, slowly working its way up from an empty winter…


OSMcast! The 2013 OSMawards Part II: Anime and Manga (But not in that order) 1-20-2014

The 2013 OSMawards for most Awesome Anime, Manga, and geez wow more anime again good lord are we ever going to shut up? OK FOLKS! Strap in because we…

OSMcast! Anime, Games, Interviews, & More!

Featured image for 12 Days of Christmas: A Cradle for Priest MyoueBackground image for 12 Days of Christmas: A Cradle for Priest Myoue

12 Days of Christmas: A Cradle for Priest Myoue

For the gods in Kyousougiga, it seems that abandoning all responsibility is part of the job. When the young Yakushimaru first receives the power of creation from his…

Pretense w/ Glasses

Featured image for 2013 Fall season First Impressions! Part 1Background image for 2013 Fall season First Impressions! Part 1

2013 Fall season First Impressions! Part 1

I have returned from my long hiatus, reason being I felt Stella Jogakuin wasn’t really getting views or reads for the most part so I figured it would be…


Log Horizon Episode 1

Kill la Kill Episode 1 and Kyousougiga Episode 00 are great, but I don’t have much to say about them other than that. A middling adaptation of a…