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Sotsugyousei Revisited

Back in the airly days (2013), Orphan did a number of projects based on the -uusei eroge franchise, starting with a three episode OVA from ...

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Doukyuusei: Climax v2

And now for something completely different. Orphan's next release is a revised version of the 1995 OVA Doukyuusei: Climax . The original rel...

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2022 in Review

2022 winds down as catastrophically as most other recent years. The war in Ukraine grinds on. A "tripledemic" rages in the US. Covid has ret...

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Arisa Good Luck

Here's a true bluebird: the 1999 one-shot OVA Arisa Good Luck . Last month, Tennouji, translator and proprietor of SakuraCircle, contacted m...

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Lunatic Night 03v2

Here's an updated version of episode 3 of the late 90s h-anime comedy Lunatic Night . This version was made possible by Internet pen-pal kno...

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Beast City (Inma Daitoshi) 3v2

sxales has recently released a new dual audio encode of the US version of the 1990's h-anime Beast City ( Inma Daitoshi ), which includes t...

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Featured image for [Review] Dance Dance Danseur – An Ode to First LovesBackground image for [Review] Dance Dance Danseur – An Ode to First Loves

[Review] Dance Dance Danseur – An Ode to First Loves

Dance Dance Danseur is a dramatic display of first loves of multiple types. The love of ballet. The love of family. The love of romance. The love of…

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Kakyuusei (1995), DVD Edition

The world doesn't need another version of Kakyuusei (1995), but here's one anyway. An Internet pen-pal who goes by the handle of ProxyMan ha...

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Featured image for Gude CrestBackground image for Gude Crest

Gude Crest

Orphan's presents a new English release of the 1990 sword-and-sorcery OVA Onna Senshi Efe & Jira: Gude no Monshou ( Woman Warriors Efe & Ji...

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Featured image for Ipponbouchou MantarouBackground image for Ipponbouchou Mantarou

Ipponbouchou Mantarou

Stop me if you've heard this one before. The son of a local grub shop is goaded by his father into seeking his fortune as a chef. He…

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I Want To Hold Aono-kun So Badly I Could Die Vol. 1 Review

First loves can be tumultuous, intense and often short-lived. But for students Yuri and Aono even death won’t get in the way of being together. Just two weeks…

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