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Featured image for Kasei Yakyoku v2Background image for Kasei Yakyoku v2

Kasei Yakyoku v2

When Orphan released Kasei Yakyoku in late 2018, we had to use a VHS tape for the first two episodes. At the time, I said we'd redo…

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Featured image for Body Jack (Laserdisc Version)Background image for Body Jack (Laserdisc Version)

Body Jack (Laserdisc Version)

I wasn't planning on doing any more of the Pink Noise series after Call Me Tonight , but the laserdisc for the fourth and last show in…

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Featured image for Hashire! Shiroi OokamiBackground image for Hashire! Shiroi Ookami

Hashire! Shiroi Ookami

Orphan hasn't done a critter feature in a while, so we're quite chuffed to present the first English-subtitled version of the 1990 movie Has...

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Aspect Ratios

In this blog entry, I am venturing into deep water without a life jacket, because I'm not an encoder, and I don't play one on TV. To keep…

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Featured image for Call Me TonightBackground image for Call Me Tonight

Call Me Tonight

Pink Noise was a series of unrelated OVAs issues by C.Moon, the "adult" label of Bandai Visual. It consisted of four titles: Call Me Tonight...

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