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Rain Boy v2

One of Orphan's earliest Tezuka Osamu projects was the set of six OVAs known as the Lion Books: 1 The Green Cat 1983 2 Rain Boy 1983 3…

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2020 In Review

Boy, am I happy to see 2020 in the rear-view mirror. Pandemic, protests, political polarization... Millions dead world-wide... It can't end soon enough. Despite that, Orphan Fansubs had…

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Amatsuki Re-Revisited

You might wonder, with good reason, why Orphan is releasing a new version of Amatsuki , six years after our first release. That release is q...

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The Best of Bitesize Anime

Short Form anime is a medium that understands the value of time. Less than twenty minutes a piece - often a lot less - these bitesize shows truly…

Beyond Ghibli

Featured image for ●ILLUSTRATION● TOKYO SKA TREASURES ~ベスト・オブ・東京スカパラダイスオーケストラ~Background image for ●ILLUSTRATION● TOKYO SKA TREASURES ~ベスト・オブ・東京スカパラダイスオーケストラ~

Disney's Red-Headed Robot Stepchild, aka Bring Fireball to the World, You Cowards

Fireball is a quirky series of CG-animated shorts starring a snarky and aloof robot girl named Drossel. It doesn’t look out of place among other Japanese animation, except…


Fireball - A review of the Kizumonogatari anime films

It’s finally finished. It feels like I’ve been hearing about the Kizumonogatari movie since I finished watching the first TV anime, Bakemonogatari. In my reviews of past entries…