Love yourself ~君が嫌いな君が好き~ - KAT-TUN (2010) Themesong to Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (2010), which I bought Linda for Mother’s Day earlier this month. (She’s a “horror onna” kind of like the main character Sunako, who is obsessed with skulls, blood and zombies etc.) I was never particularly interested in the premise of the manga or anime this is based on, because it seemed like just another F4/Host Club/excuse to have a bunch of hot guys living together in a house. The whole “trying to turn a weird girl into a lady” set-up is so overdone. If I really wanted to watch some tomboy and/or hikikomori makeover porn I’d just rent She’s All That. In case this particular group of ikemen wasn’t cliche enough already, there’s even a cute baby-type boy, a playboy who constantly brings home married women, and the heir to some traditional Japanese family (this time it’s ikebana) in the bunch. That all being said, the drama stars Kamenashi Kazuya as the Domyouji of this F4, Kyohei. I like Kame better with every drama I see him in and the more KAT-TUN songs I hear. It helps that he’s actually a pretty amazing actor (and that I may have read on his wikipedia page that he played baseball at a professional level before he because a boy-band star, WTF). He’s great as the gruff, plaid-shirted main love interest of Sunako. There’s an adorable kid that lives at the boarding house and narrates the entire show who was really believable too. And each character gets considerable character devlopment - unlike Nishikaido (tea-ceremony bocchan) and Mimasaka (incorrigible playboy) from HanaDan’s F4, Yamato Nadeshiko’s Takenaga (flower-arranging bocchan) and Ranmaru (incorrigable playboy) have interesting complexes and love interests. (As if you had to ask I was ALL over Takenaga x Noi-chan) Sunako’s obsession with the occult gives this drama a bit of quirkiness, complete with a couple of fantastical plot elements like characters getting possessed by spirits. There’s also some laughable “only in a shoujo manga” bullshit about Kyohei’s beautiful face causing riots and the breakup of his family. But at the heart there’s some serious stuff going on. The major themes concern people hating themselves for how they look and being too scared to accept others or face their problems honestly. It sounds like this drama is quite different from the original manga - mixing up the order of a lot of events, adding some serious tear-jerking drama to do with Kyohei’s family and turning the crazy landlady into a wise (but still crazy) widow with a son and a tragic backstory. I would have liked to see Sunako repeatedly plotting to kill Kyohei at the beginning because he is too dazzling (rather than just nutting him in the skull whenever she sees him) but the drama is pretty great in its own right, so no complaints.

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