[update] So I heard there's a leveling problem. So I put the show through a compressor. I hope this solves the issue. The podcast file has been updated. Shownotes :: (show 002) :: (website) :: (podcast feed) :: (direct download) With our guest Vic Boruta (aka Vicbond007), recorded live on June 21st, 2005. Vic Bond shares his experience, as being an Anime Music Video Creator. Otaku News Xbox360 Japan Land of the Dead Pac Man turns 25 Human Pacman Project Firefly on SciFi Firefly TV-Boxset Contest Details Okay so here's what we thought of... We're going to run a photoshop contest. Take Bo and Luke Duke from the classic TV Series, and photoshop them into a picture from the FireFly TV Series. Then the OtakuGeneration cast will pick their favorite, and we will send the winner the Firefly TV-Series Boxset. We will only accept one submission per person. Email your contest submission, to: otaku.generation@gmail.com With the exact subject: FIREFLY PHOTOSHOP CONTEST ENTRY In the body of the message, put: Your Name Title of your entry Your mailing address if you win. USA and CANADA submissions only. Since I don't know what oversea shipping will cost. Sorry, just USA and CANADA submissions only. Promos PodQuiz podcast Mondays podcast Hit Test Podcast Bubba Bohacks Fun Barn podcast Sean Kiltzner's Weekly Fix Weekly Reviews Beck Elfenlied Tengou Tenge OST Asian Kung-Fu Generation Ichigo 100% Burst Angel Gadget Reviews (with Tech Guru Todd) RCA Lyra 2782 PMP HANA USB Flash MP3 Player Microsoft's Pipe Dream Microsoft/Flextronics Cheep Hello Kitty SD Cards Weird Web by Robin :: (Robin's Web Site Blog) Google Census Hack Little Book About Zogg Lennon's Little Golden Egg Hoax Photos PostSecret Feedback is welcome, if you wish to contact us, or have promos you'd like us to play during our podcast, you can email us at: otaku.generation@gmail.com Email us, at: otaku.generation@gmail.com With the exact subject: MP3 PROMOTION In the body of the message, put: Your Name Your Podcast Your website Brief copy about your podcast for us to read Join us next with our guests: Where's the Buffet; an awesome panelist group! Oh and one more shameless thing... if you like what we're doing... you can express it by voting for us on www.PodcastAlley.com, www.PodcastPickle.com, www.PodcastDirectory.com, www.PodcastCharts.com, and/or www.DigitalPodcast.com. Thanks for the support!

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