By Miyako Miyano and Hayase Jyun. Released in Japan as “Kakure Saijo wa Zenzen Megenai: Gibo to Gimai ni Ie wo Oidasareta no de Konyaku Haki Shite Moraou to Omottara, Shinshi datta Konyakusha ga Hageshiku Dekiai Shitekuru Yо̄ ni Narimashita!?” by DRE Novels. Released in North America by J-Novel Heart. Translated by Ray Krycki. As you may have noticed given that it’s every other review I’ve written for the last year or so, the villainess genre has really exploded in Japan, as well as translated into English. Everyone loves seeing the villainess struggle against her fate. Sometimes she’s accused falsely. Sometimes she redoes her life so that everyone loves her. Sometimes she even embraces the villainy. But the one drawback to this is that authors sometimes miss writing actual villainess... The post Jeanette the Genius: Defying My Evil Stepmother by Starting a Business with My Ride-or-Die Fiancé!, Vol. 1 first appeared on Manga Bookshelf.

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