Manga by Miyokawa, Masaru (Art), Takeuchi, Ryousuke (Story)   Space is vast and empty, much like this series.   We and our guest YouTuber Shaybs discuss Shonen Jump manga ST&RS.    Show Notes: • You can reach us at Twitter @shonenflopcast or email us   • You can find our guest at and   • Help keep the show running by joining the Shonen Flop Patreon at Get perks like early access to episodes; joining us during recordings, and exclusive episodes on manga like Agravity Boys, Magu-chan: God of Destruction, and PPPPPP.   • Get Shonen Flop merch, including this episode’s cover art, on a shirt, mug, print, or whatever else might catch your eye   • Become a member of our community by joining our Discord. You can hang out with us, submit your questions or six word summaries! Find it at   • Want to be a guest? You can ask to be on a future episode at   Credits: • Shonen Flop is hosted by David Weinberger and Jordan Forbes   • Additional editing assistance by Dylan Crider you can find his podcast, Anime Out of Context at   • Assistance with pronunciation, translation, and other miscellaneous research done by Tucker Whatley and MaxyBee   • Episode art by Merliel (IG: mer_liel)   • Cover art funded by our generous art benefactor Nigel Francis   On August 10, 2019, at 3:02:40 a.m. UTC, Earth received a simple message from space: to meet on Mars on July 7, 2035. With the possibility of discovering an intergalactic species on the horizon, scientists everywhere begin a desperate race to develop the most sophisticated technology and send humans to the Red Planet. On the same day at the exact same time, baby Maho Shirafune utters his very first word—"Mars."   Years later, in time for high school applications, the space enthusiast Maho has his sights set on the prestigious Space Academy. The institution only accepts around one percent of applicants, but enrolling in the school will allow Maho to achieve his dream of going to Mars on that determined day. Together with his childhood friend Meguru Hoshihara and classmate Wataru Amachi, Maho begins to take the two-week academy admission test.   Facing dauntless competition from some of the best astronaut prospects, Maho's chances of making it to the top are looking quite grim. Interestingly, the academy's principal, Fifi Collins, suspects that Maho may be a critical part of the July 7 mission. With his fate possibly written in the stars already, Maho braces himself to persevere through this life-changing trial.  

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