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Bakuen Campus Guardress

When I first watched Bakuen Campus Guardress ( Combustible Campus Guardress ), a four-episode episode OVA from 1994, I was gobsmacked by ho...

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Hameln no Violin Hiki

Here's a project that everyone on the team loved: the 1996 short movie Hameln no Violin Hiki ( The Violinist of Hamelin ). Based on a 37-vol...

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Blue Sonnet

Akai Kiba Blue Sonnet ( Crimson Fang Blue Sonnet ), usually known as just Blue Sonnet , is a five-episode OVA series from 1989. It is based...

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Redshift #25

Here’s your latest round-up of attention to older anime around the web! The load on this post is a little lighter, which we hope is just because the…

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