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One Room 3rd Season

In this review of the third season of One Room, I discuss how the series has improved and take a look at the two new girls.


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Anime Series Like One Room

This is the tale of your interaction with three unrelated girls who live in different circumstances throughout Tokyo. I usually give POV anime series the big ol’ skip,…

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Your Virtual Reality: 7 POV Anime Series

POV, or point of view, anime series are a rather rare beast. They are very much like virtual reality. They feature you seeing the world through the eyes…

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More more more Autumn 2020 impressions

She's no Aoba from Cross Game, but I've enjoyed how Mutsuko has pitched so far.

One Room (Season 3) – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

To be fair, I’m the one who stuck with this series for so long.

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One Room 2nd Season Special

One Room 2nd Season Special is an 11-minute "anime" episode that follows Yui, Minori, and Mashiro from the 2nd season.


Lv1 Maou to One Room Yuusha

A manga about the newly resurrected demon lord who wants a rematch against the legendary hero but finds him in a sorry state and living out of a…

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306 – Fantasy Magazine 2 – Science Fiction

Seamus is out this week so Morgana, Darfox, and dakazu submit their top science fiction manga picks they’d like to license for another edition of Fantasy Magazine! We…

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Episode 497: Winter 2017 Previews

Welcome to the only previews show of the winter 2017 season, which should tell you that winter is not the time to be looking for interesting and new…

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