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Review Index: 70-79/100

Heres the index for all reviews rated 70-79 out of 100. Arte - 79/100 Ascendance of a Bookworm - 79/100 Astra: Lost In Space - 79/100 The Case…


Featured image for Hong Kong, 1957: Little Women In the Mood for LoveBackground image for Hong Kong, 1957: Little Women In the Mood for Love

Hong Kong, 1957: Little Women In the Mood for Love

OUR SISTER HEDY (1957) is a black-and-white comedy-drama shot in Mandarin in sync sound at the Cathay Studio in Hong Kong and stars Jeanette Lin Tsui, Julie Yeh…

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Forty years ago, the famed "social realism" film director Imai Tadashi released his one and only anime movie, Yuki . It was based on a 1976 ...

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Chameleon 3

I bet you weren't expecting another episode of Chameleon . Frankly, neither was I. Even though laalg translation-checked all the remaining e...

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Featured image for Yamatarou Comes Back v2Background image for Yamatarou Comes Back v2

Yamatarou Comes Back v2

One of Orphan's earliest Tezuka Osamu projects was the set of six OVAs known as the Lion Books: 1 The Green Cat 1983 2 Rain Boy 1983 3…

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Featured image for Ohoshi-sama no RailBackground image for Ohoshi-sama no Rail

Ohoshi-sama no Rail

I'm not sure how I feel about the 1993 movie Ohoshi-sama no Rail ( Rail of Stars ). Based on a 1983 autobiographical novel by Kobayashi Chi...

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Stranger Things Book Tag (Strange Reads Indeed)

As usual, I am about a year late to a tag (that’s better than average, actually), but Keiko, I do hope you get to read this when you’re…

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Funomenal Rear-view Contemplation: Best of Film & Game Music 2019

If I were to think back to where I was in 2009, as a reference point for the decade that has just gone by…time REALLY didn’t go by…

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Spiraken Mini Movie Review: Little Women (2019)

In this mini movie review, Gretta and Xan have the fortunate pleasure to review the seventh adaptation of the Louisa May Alcott novel from 1868. So prepare a…

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Redshift #33

Here we are again! This post covers attention to older anime between the previous post and 1 August. We’ll aim (aim!) to get a post covering activity in August…

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1990’s TV Anime – What Anime Looked Like In 1993

Shows starting in 1993: Miracle Girls, Irresponsible Captain Tylor, Little Women II: Jo’s Boys, The Brave Express Might Gaine, Sailor Moon R, Gosaurer Mobile Suit V Gundam, Ghost…