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November 1990 Pt. 2 Animedia magazine

Animedia - First Published in July of 1981 by Gakken Co., Ltd. , #11 November 1990 (No 112) 500 Yen. Consisting of 156 pages (includ...

The Anime Nostalgia Facility UK

November 1990 Pt.1 Newtype Magazine

' Newtype'  - the moving pictures magazine '. Published monthly by Kadokawa Shoten. Consisting of 188 pages (including front & back covers),...

The Anime Nostalgia Facility UK

Huge Upload of Retro Anime Music

Hi again fans! Here are all the links to Old School Anime Soundtracks etc that I was able to recover from my previous uploads. In this post, there will…

The Old School Anime & Retro Cave