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Assemble Insert

Oh look. Here is a very strange retro anime I accidentally stumbled upon. Not sure what to make of Assemble Insert because this 1989 anime is about an…

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Hayou no Tsurugi

Hayou no Tsurugi was a series of forty (!) light novels by Maeda Tomiko, published between 1989 and 2017. (A spinoff series, Hayou no Tsuru...

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Baby Love

Baby Love is such a familiar shoujo romance that it seemed like a refugee from the Margaret Video Series, but it was actually made somewhat ...

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Assemble Insert OVA | Retro Japanese Retrospective

Anime is an incredibly popular and prolific medium, and such as with any popular and prolific medium, someone, somewhere is poking fun at it. In modern times, 2015’s…


Redshift #33

Here we are again! This post covers attention to older anime between the previous post and 1 August. We’ll aim (aim!) to get a post covering activity in August…

Anime Redshift Chronicle