In this episode of Screentone Club, Elliot and Andy go on a gap year with Saint Young Men and then make it permanent with the Girls Last Tour!###Series Discussed: Girls Last Tour, Saint Young Men###Assignments for next Episode: Are you Lost?, Our Dreams at Dusk: Shimanami TasogareIf you enjoy this episode, please consider backing us on Patreon - from only US$1 a month you get bonus episodes and other perks as well, including the ability to vote on topics for us to cover!Timecodes:0:00:45 - Excite! 0:01:15 - The May Bonus Episode topic announcement! 0:03:00 - Shoutouts! 0:03:30 - Returning Champions: Chainsaw Man! 0:06:30 - Manga Redshirts0:08:45 - Neon Genesis Evangelion Reference0:12:45 - Elliot’s Pick for this episode: Girls Last Tour! 0:13:45 - “Girls doing a BLAME!”0:16:00 - “Healing Emptiness”0:19:00 - The joy of discovery0:23:00 - Urban Archeology0:29:00 - “Beyond Moe”0:33:45 - “Luxuriating in it”0:37:30 - Andy’s Pick: Saint Young Men! 0:39:30 - Gap Year Gods0:40:45 - Excellent Buddy Comedy0:44:15 - “Erring on the side of being nice”0:48:45 - Watching the art “bed in”0:50:45 - Good Translation notes0:53:30 - “Did It Make Me Laugh?”0:57:15 - Our Picks for next Episode! 0:58:45 - Closedown!

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