In this episode of ScreenTone Club, Elliot and Andy get locked in a school and forced to learn about exercise! How will they survive???Series Discussed: How Heavy are the Dumbbells you Lift? Vol. 1, A School Frozen in Time Vol. 1Assignments for next Episode: Chihayafuru Vol. 1, A Certain Scientific Railgun Vol. 1If you enjoy this episode, please consider backing us on Patreon - from only US$1 a month you get bonus episodes and other perks as well, including the ability to vote on topics for us to cover!We are also now affiliates on BookWalker! Using this link will give us a small kickback, helping cover the cost of manga for the podcast!TIMECODES:0:02:00 - Patreon Plug!0:02:45 - Returning Champions: The Girl from the Other Side Vols. 9 - 100:05:00 - “Is this what I wanted to see?”0:11:45 - Excited for a re-read from the start0:13:15 - Elliot’s Pick: How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift? Vol. 10:14:15 - Spotty Availability Notice0:17:00 - “Muscle of the Week”0:19:00 - “Horny, but not too horny”0:22:00 - How to inject the educational element0:25:45 - Actual Research!0:28:30 - Teetering on the edge of being respectable0:32:00 - Ring Fit Trauma0:34:45 - Saki and Chihayafuru comparisons??0:36:45 - Andy’s Pick: A School Frozen in Time Vol. 10:37:15 - Correction!0:39:30 - WELP0:41:30 - “Doesn’t have anything interesting to present”0:42:30 - “Don’t mention a better thing in your thing!”0:48:00 - Aggressively turned off0:51:00 - “Does not reward digging”0:55:00 - Will you be picking this up? Let us know!0:55:45 - Our picks for next episode, Closedown

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