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Featured image for 17 Reverse Isekai Anime About Fantasy Creatures Sent To Our WorldBackground image for 17 Reverse Isekai Anime About Fantasy Creatures Sent To Our World

17 Reverse Isekai Anime About Fantasy Creatures Sent To Our World

However, the definition of reverse isekai can be stretched into a fair few shapes. For example, having isekai'd heroes come back to our world with their

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Featured image for 13 Contemporary Fantasy Anime With Magic in a Modern WorldBackground image for 13 Contemporary Fantasy Anime With Magic in a Modern World

13 Contemporary Fantasy Anime With Magic in a Modern World

There is magic in a good chunk of anime these days. While there is certainly some charm to enjoying fantasy anime set in a fantasy land filled with…

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Range Murata, Last Exile, Shangri-La, and PSE Pro #01 Skipper and Scooter

Range Murata is a well known Japanese artist and illustrator. I first became familiar with his work in the early 2000s when I started watchi...

Tokyo Excess

Featured image for Anime Series Like Gate: Thus the JSDF FoughtBackground image for Anime Series Like Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought

Anime Series Like Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought

Japanese Self-Defense Force solider and otaku Youji Itami is in the Ginza district of Tokyo feeding his hobby one afternoon when a gate to another world opens and…

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Anime Review 167 Cop Craft

The buddy cop is a very popular subgenre in western mediums. I love the idea of two people working together despite their differences with each other. It is…

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Anime Review 162 How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift

The summer 19 season for anime was one of the most interesting and diverse anime seasons I’ve seen in a long along. It had a strong collection of…

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Anime Series Like Gibiate

In the year 2030, Earth has been overrun by a disease that turns humans into freakish monsters. Joining a small group searching for a cure are a samurai…

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Anime Corner: Cop Craft Review

Cheese it! It’s the Fuzz! What’s the Story? Fifteen years ago a portal opened up to another world, one where fairies, monsters and magic all exist. Now the…

Never Argue with a Fish

Anime Series Like Deca-Dence

Driven to the point of extinction by creatures known as the Gadoll, humanity now lives out of a large mobile fortress known as Deca-Dence. Inside, the residents are…

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Anime Series Like BNA: Brand New Animal

Throughout history, humanity has always been at odds with the beastmen – a race that can change their shape into beasts. The beastmen have all but gone into…

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Episode 641: Nu Wu Shen de Craft

We got old men in politics who don't get anime, solving crimes with a legal loli, and making our own spinoffs. First up comes the IRL news as…

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Abandoned #4 (Dr Stone, Fire Force & Cop Craft)

This post probably won’t be as inflammatory as it would seem by the title – considering some of my motivations here stem from a kind of apathy perhaps,…

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Summer 2019 Final Thoughts

Summer 2019 was one of the most stuffed anime seasons for the shounen genre in ages. Here at For Great Justice, we…mostly didn’t follow it. But hey, if…


[Podcast] Chatty AF 99: Summer 2019 Wrap-up

Vrai, Caitlin, and Peter look back on the summer 2019 season! Summer 2019 premiere rankings Summer 2019 mid-season check-in 0:00:00 Intros 0:01:48 Cop Craft 0:03:11 To the Abandoned…

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#79 - Summer 2019 Impressions (Group B)

Here's the promised Group B of our summer seasonal anime impressions! Sorry this is coming out a week or so later than we intended. School has started and…

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Kaiseki Anime Podcast Episode 037 – Cop Craft, & Astra Lost in Space

00:00 Intro 01:10 Cop Craft 12:38 Astra Lost in Space 23:34 Outro You can find Kaiseki Anime Podcast on Apple Podcasts and Google Play. Subscribe to us now! Please also take…

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[Podcast] Chatty AF 96: Summer 2019 Mid-Season Check-in

Vrai, Caitlin, and Peter check-in on the Summer 2019 season! Summer 2019 Premiere Digest 0:00:00 Intros Red Flags 0:01:33 Cop Craft 0:02:05 How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You…

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Episode 615: Summer 2019 Previews #4

Back again are you? Well then, welcome back to Anime Pulse. This week we got more new from KyoAni, previews for the summer 2019 season, and community stuff.…

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thin slicing the new season, summer 2019 edition

12,500 words, 28 anime, and a dirac sea of isekai. First, a quick note– My heart, thoughts, and condolences are with the staff of Kyoto Animation, the victims,…


I was guaranteed to watch Cop Craft as a matter of general principle

Someone on the IRC asked if this season also had a prominent isekai promoting slavery. I'm not aware of one, but Cop Craft does feature human trafficking. Actually,…

Anime Taste Testing: Wakaki Nobunaga and Cop Craft

Two more shows down, probably not many more to go. Kouchoki: Wakaki Nobunaga/Gorgeous Butterfly: Young Nobunaga I honestly had trouble remembering most of what went on in this…


[Review] Cop Craft – Episode 1

What’s it about? 15 years ago, a gate to another world appeared near the city of San-Teresa. Since then, the beings from the other side of that gate…

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