We’re going on a Japan trip! Ashley’s been on vacation in Japan for the past two weeks, and has gone on some manga-related adventures (and many non-manga-related adventures). She and her romantic partner/Viz Media employee/travel companion Jeff Ruberg discuss the Kimi ni Todoke exhibit at Tokyo Anime Center, how it compares to the ongoing Shonen Jump exhibit, what it’s like seeing the spring cherry blossoms and going to themed cafes, and generally what their favorite activity on this trip has been. LINKS Kimi ni Todoke Exhibit Shonen Jump Exhibit Rurouni Kenshin Author Controversy Yakushima/Shiratani Ravine as inspiration for Princess Mononoke What the heck konpeito is QQ Sweeper Kyoto International Manga Museum Cyborg 009 Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare [Io Sakisaka’s current manga] Viz's announcement that they’re publishing Io Sakisaka’s Ao Haru Ride Flowers manga magazine Ofuro (Japanese style bath) Pokemon Cafe Animate Cafes Final Fantasy Cafe *Magical Pokemon Journey* [shojo Pokemon manga] D · N · ANGEL Nakayoshi Magazine SOCIAL Follow Jeff on Twitter @jeffinitelyjeff Follow Shojo & Tell on Twitter @shojoandtell Follow Shojo & Tell on Instagram @shojoandtell Follow Ashley on Twitter @AshMcD00 Comments, questions, concerns? Want to let us know which city is better, Kyoto or Tokyo? Have a manga you really want us to get to sooner rather than later? Email shojoandtell [at] gmail.com, leave a comment on the episode page, or tweet us.

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