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Winter 2019 Anime Impressions

Out of the blue, some short impressions on stuff I will be following this winter. Honourable mentions, good but probably won’t be keeping up with: Endro, HizaUe, Kotobuki…


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Censorship in Practice

A short news reaction post from me this week, but first a simple quiz for my dear reader. Name the common trait linking the following anime series: Engaged…


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Anime Bonding Time!

It has only been in the most recent years that I have been able to share some anime with my family. We had that indestructible Sony CRT TV…


Be Your All

Anime is full of incredible couples. Destiny-bound, society-defying and whatever else comes to mind. And to top it all off, they are usually far more than each other’s…


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MHA – The Greatest Hero (Not)

My Hero Academia is a series I struggle with. There is plenty in there to like, and there are just as many imperfections. The positives, everyone knows: the…


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The Idol Paradox

I think no genre betrayed my expectations quite as thoroughly as the idol genre. You see, I was late to watch 2011’s The Idolmaster because as much praise…



Money! Everybody loves money. Some people like it too much and become jerks or commit crimes to get their hands on more cash. You can always count on…


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The Mario Dilemma

As the dear reader might already know, there is a Mario (Super Mario Brothers) film in the making. It will be produced by the studio behind the Minions,…


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Anime Singularities: Fanservice

As mentioned previously, today’s entry will be about my favourite use of fanservice in anime. Without beating around the bush, we will talking about Hyouka’s Chitanda Eru. Eru…


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Personal Take on Fanservice

(Note: For the purpose of this article, fanservice refers to mildly sexual content: pantyshots, beach episodes, skimpy clothing and the like. Actual hentai/animated porn is excluded, as is…