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Featured image for Here Comes the “Bride”Background image for Here Comes the “Bride”

Here Comes the “Bride”

I could have seen this at AX 17, but they mooked with the scheduling so it passed me by. I had to wait for it to come online…

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Featured image for The “Bane” of My ExistenceBackground image for The “Bane” of My Existence

The “Bane” of My Existence

I wuz robbed! Someone call the anime police! What a crock of crap! Please excuse my histrionics, but never have I felt so cheated by a show as…

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Featured image for “Lies” We Tell OurselvesBackground image for “Lies” We Tell Ourselves

“Lies” We Tell Ourselves

I will never understand the Japanese mind, especially in the anime way. It’s that a lot of shows I see tend to reinforce the idea that the government…

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Featured image for For Me and My “Gal”Background image for For Me and My “Gal”

For Me and My “Gal”

When you were in high school, there was a ton of stuff to worry about: getting into college, being popular, seeing your name in the school newspaper. But…

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Featured image for COMMENTARY – Land of the LostBackground image for COMMENTARY – Land of the Lost

COMMENTARY – Land of the Lost

There is a scene from the movie “A Fish Called Wanda”, where Kevin Kline cracks open a safe, hoping to find a ton of pelf within, but is…

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Featured image for Short Pull Series XXVII: “Girl” PowerBackground image for Short Pull Series XXVII: “Girl” Power

Short Pull Series XXVII: “Girl” Power

Slapstick is a harder genre to master than one thinks, as you have to balance the mayhem with the results. It doesn’t succeed as well as it should,…

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Featured image for Attack of the OVA #20 – “Rescue” MissionBackground image for Attack of the OVA #20 – “Rescue” Mission

Attack of the OVA #20 – “Rescue” Mission

Untethered OVAs, for me, are a bother, in that I end up getting plunked into the middle of something and since there is not going to be anything…

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Featured image for “Collection” AgencyBackground image for “Collection” Agency

“Collection” Agency

As with any movie that comes from a successful series, I am leery that it might be just might be a recap of the series, put in movie…

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Featured image for Not Drawn to “Scale”Background image for Not Drawn to “Scale”

Not Drawn to “Scale”

“Sword Art Online” has been one of the more interesting series (and now franchises) of the past half-dozen years. As with any movie that comes from a successful…

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Featured image for Where the “Battle” RagesBackground image for Where the “Battle” Rages

Where the “Battle” Rages

Well, well, lookie here. Another “Girls Who Save the World” show. I. Did. Not. See. That. Coming. Although one can compare it to the “Symphogear” series or even…

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Featured image for “Cheer”, Cheer, The Gang’s All HereBackground image for “Cheer”, Cheer, The Gang’s All Here

“Cheer”, Cheer, The Gang’s All Here

More Japanese weirdness. OK, sure, this is another “Girls Who Save the World” tale, but what they are doing is saving their city from neglect. Huh? Wha? Eh?…

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Featured image for Short-Pull Series XXVII: – Your “Children” KnowBackground image for Short-Pull Series XXVII: – Your “Children” Know

Short-Pull Series XXVII: – Your “Children” Know

In one sense, this reminded me of “Daily Lives of High School Boys”, in that it is a series of events and actions where, at the end of…

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Featured image for Such is “Life”Background image for Such is “Life”

Such is “Life”

This was heavily promoted at AX 17, but I could never find any episodes scheduled for viewing while I was there, so I had to wait for the…

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Featured image for Who’s On “First”?Background image for Who’s On “First”?

Who’s On “First”?

I have often stated that they will do an anime on practically anything, so I was surprised to see a College Bowl caliber of show, where brains and…

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“Freak” Out

Many of you might be going, “Wait, he’s reviewing a sports anime. He’s not a big fan of those shows.” And, yes, you are correct, but this is…

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I Met Up with the “Gambler”

And here is the ‘two’ of the one-two punch. Another of those very harsh private academies animes, this one is truly a classroom of the elite, but that’s…

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“Elite” Interests

This is part of a one-two punch review in regards to Japanese schools and their educational system. Most animes use the schools as a jumping-off point to look…

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Lord, It’s a “Miracle”

A trope in and of itself, members of faith are usually portrayed as a caliber of charlatan or deceiver and are potentially as evil as the evil they…

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The “Principal” Cause

This first came up as an offering at AX 17, but since there was zero description in the handbook about it, my initial thought that it was going…

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Do You Want to Play a “Game”?

We are heaved back into the seething cauldron of uncertainty and panic, better known as high school, where the slightest misstep or errant statement can doom you to…

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It’s All “New” to Me

When the show “New Game!” came out, I had two big problems with it. The first was the overwhelming female cast in it (men were there, but certainly…

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Ne “Plus Ultra”

Latin is a funny language, in that it is used mostly in the scientific naming of things and in any column from George Will. There are useful phrases,…

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The Halls of “Academia”

The biggest problem with any show that deals in magic is that it is all going to be referred back to ‘Harry Potter’ and how they did it.…

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Too “Smart” By Half

A harem comedy. Wow, I haven’t seen one of those in about 20….minutes. Still, this one brings along a great deal of charm and heart…despite the rather capacious…

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Welcome to My “World”

As much as I like “Food Wars!”, it can get too much for its own good, with those foodgasms and the overweening prats that infest the school. So…

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Mortal “Sin”

Since I have really committed to anime, I notice trend after trend. This one is the “Envelope Push”. How far can we take ecchi and not have it…

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“Sword” Play

This was a second season approach that I did not see coming, but it was fully welcomed, as it is something that is rarely put out there and…

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Fly Me to the “Moon”

Do you remember when you first fell in love? Awash in all those giddy, uncertain emotions that were swirling about you in a kaleidoscope of feelings and sensations?…

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I Call a “Redo”

I must be the dumbest sack of doorknobs out there. Why do I torture myself? I have potentially been chasing this franchise down longer than “Code Geass: Akito”,…

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I’ll Take the “Blame”

It’s an anime movie. I am at least finding them a bit more often than in the past, but they still come out in a dribble, compared to…

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Let’s Start At the Very “Beginning”

  I am starting to notice another trend cropping up and that is the throwback style in anime. I have seen a few shows that are trying to…

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Help Me, “Obi” Wan

Japan has a rich tradition of ghosts and hauntings and possession. It is almost part and parcel of their culture, right up to the present days. It’s that…

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You Might Want To Sing It Note For “Note”

OK, this is a squealing girl anime, where a grouping of divergent female types somehow get together to help each other with their particular struggles, one in another…

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Wonder “Twin” Powers, Activate!

How should I refer to these shows? Estrogen-heavy? X chromosome only? Ladies Night Out? I am seeing a larger-than-normal amount of these female-centric shows, not just in the…

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Acting On It

Animes about the arts are a high abundance genre. Having just completed one about rakugo, I was interested in kabuki. I do not know if this is the…

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I Was “Maid” to Love Her

I guess I will never understand the Japanese fascination with maids. Yes, my favorite anime, “Mahoromatic”, is about one, but never anything like this kind of situation. She…

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“Love” Shack

Hooray, (or, perhaps, hooboy) another stupid rom-com, and this one is more inane than its predecessors, but it is executed in a rather charming way. Although the title…

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Is That Your Final “Answer”?

This is a show that had a terrible capsule description, in that you thought you were getting into the thrilling and exciting world of…negotiations! Yes, I can feel…

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The Smart Part is Us “Creators”

This is a show with a fairly standard concept, but brought forth in disturbing and dangerous realities. The idea is very simple: what if your artwork came to…

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This Ugly Yet Beautiful “World”

Yeah, OK, sure. We have another, another offering in the “Girls Who Save the World” genre, but this one has more of an edge than I have seen…

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Short Pull Series XXVI: Working “Girl”

One of the problems with these short-pull series is that they seldom get aired through the normal channels. You then have to hunt them down and that can…

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Short-Pull Series XXV: A “Silver” Lining

There are a lot of shows about video games in anime. It certainly seems to be a strong genre, although it’s more action/adventure oriented than merely watching some…

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Saved By “Zero”

Although this is a magic show, it is miles away from what you are used to, even with the mediæval flavor. It is a land where man and…

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Let Me See Your “ID”

Oh, no, how did this happen? I watched a show that was BOTH giant fighting robots and CG animation! Am I crazy from the heat? Missing a critical…

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“Alice” in Chains

I sometimes have a problem with shows where the main character and others possess supernatural powers, while the rest of us have to bumble through life with not…

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Half-Price “Manga”

Wow. This is seriously one delightfully deranged comedy. Although you may tumble to the secret before it gets revealed, that does not detract from the romantic humor generated…

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Department of Vital “Records”

Initially, I was concerned. This was another magic academy show, where their talents would be honed to a razor-sharp edge, potentially no different than “Bahamet”, or “Asterisk War”…

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A Noble “Quest”

Although this could be seen as “Girls Who Save the World”, it is done in a more realistic manner, in that they may not have capes and wands…

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Regular As “Clockwork”

Steampunk is a term that confuses me. I mean, I think I know what it is, but I cannot always be certain of it. I bring this up,…

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What a “Royal” Pain

I was initially concerned about this show, as it looked like another version of the “Ouran High School Host Club”. It took a couple of episodes to warm…

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