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Featured image for 3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season | Episode 10 and 11 ReviewBackground image for 3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season | Episode 10 and 11 Review

3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season | Episode 10 and 11 Review

Episode Ten and eleven Thoughts Considering how long it’s taking me to finish the second season of 3-gatsu no Lion, I’ve come to the conclusion that longer length…

Otaku Central | Anime Review

338 – One Shot 36 – Mermaid in the Bottle & Leaper & Mine-kun is Asexual

On this episode we answer lots of emails and dakazu reads about the devastation on the Sanriku Railway during the 2011 Tohoku tsunami in Santetsu! Then we review…

Manga Machinations

Featured image for 3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season | Episode 8 and 9 ReviewBackground image for 3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season | Episode 8 and 9 Review

3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season | Episode 8 and 9 Review

Yup, it’s back. I was scrolling through my list on MAL, thinking to myself “What do I really want to watch?” and 3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season stuck…

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Pick of the Week: Penguins, Legends and Childhood Friends

SEAN: Given that it turns out Manga Bookshelf are top-tier futurists, I’m tempted to pick March Comes in Like a Lion, but that will have to wait for…

Manga Bookshelf

337 – One Shot 35 – Sawanabe Zombie & Ikyoudo

This week we agree that Yusuke is superior to Gon, we celebrate the licensing of March comes in like a Lion, and we review Kakio Tsurukawa’s Sawanabe Zombie…

Manga Machinations

Pick of the Week: Listen to Our Picks

MICHELLE: I’m looking forward to getting caught up on Wave, Listen to Me! and Haikyu!! and Spy x Family are extremely high on my list of favorites, but…

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Featured image for March Comes in Like a Lion, Pornographer: Playback, Under the Turquoise Sky, You with a 1-meter Radius, Let’s Walk Upward Japanese Film TrailersBackground image for March Comes in Like a Lion, Pornographer: Playback, Under the Turquoise Sky, You with a 1-meter Radius, Let’s Walk Upward Japanese Film Trailers

March Comes in Like a Lion, Pornographer: Playback, Under the Turquoise Sky, You with a 1-meter Radius, Let’s Walk Upward Japanese Film Trailers

March Comes in Like a Lion, Pornographer: Playback, Under the Turquoise Sky, You with a 1-meter Radius, Let’s Walk Upward Japanese Film Trailers


Manga the Week of 3/3/21

SEAN: March comes in like a lion with a pile of new manga, though sadly none of them are March Comes in Like a Lion. Get on that,…

Manga Bookshelf

TangleCast 84: Goodbye from Our Crew and a 3-Gatsu New Year

The day is here: After more than two years and 33 episodes later, our team of David, Holly, Peter, and editor, Celetron (Marcelo), are stepping away from the…

Beneath the Tangles

Hikaru no Go – Anime Review

A young boy finds the spirit of an ancient Go master, who will force him to play the game.

Nefarious Reviews

Throwback Thursday: 三月のライオン (Sangetsu no Lion)

As we close out 2020, and complete our 10th year anniversary celebration, we’ve been posting a final series of Throwback Thursday posts from writers, past and present, revisiting…

Beneath the Tangles

Master List of Christmas Anime Episodes

A tradition as hallowed as the beach episode, and nearly as common, the Christmas anime episode is an opportunity to put anime boys and girls into festive (and…

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Weekly Round-Up, 25 November – 1 December 2020: Quinton Flynn Updates, Disability in Manga, and Heart of the Woods

AniFem Round-Up The Fractured and Famous: Celebrity culture and control in Perfect Blue Priya Sridhar explores how Perfect Blue’s depiction of toxic fan culture and industry abuse still…

Anime Feminist

The Speakeasy #119: Rose of Versailles, Log Horizon, March Comes in Like a Lion, Blue Period + More

We discuss all the things we’ve been watching and reading lately: Burn the Witch, Smile Down the Runway, Higurashi New, Blue Period, March Comes in Like a Lion,…

Reverse Thieves

How The Queen’s Gambit Feels Like An Anime

The answer? Tournaments. Dynamic characters are the bread and butter of virtually every tournament anime. The Queen's Gambit is no different.

Anime Evo

20 Anime “Dere” Character Types That You Have Never Heard Of

Permit me to be old for just a moment, but back in my day, we only had a handful of “dere” type classifications in anime. You had: the…

Recommend Me Anime

Interview with Xanthe Huynh, Suzie Yeung, and Brandon McInnis of Appare-Ranman!

During this fall anime season, we’ve had the opportunity to speak with directors and voice actors involved in the English-language version of P.A. Works’ stirring and beautifully crafte…

Beneath the Tangles

The Best of Us, The Worst of Us, The Lot of Us: Rei Kiriyama

Rei Kiriyama is one of the most overlooked characters in anime. Here’s why.

Animated Observations

Feeding the Flames: A Series of Hot Takes

Taking another break this week and throwing out a few anime/gaming hot takes.

Animated Observations

Kiriyama Rei’s painful privilege to success

No friends, no family, and far beyond his competition in terms of skill; the peerless Kiriyama Rei was painfully alone. The struggle to overcome loneliness is one of…

Artificial Night Sky

TheOASG Podcast Episode 105: Comic-Con@Home, Licenses, and That Cool Haikyu!! Story

Show Notes 0:00: Justin and Helen once again chat about what they’ve been up to, which, for Justin, gets into the Comic-Con@Home experience (both watching it and…taking part…


It's Impossible to Live as a Crunchyroll Translator | The Canipa Effect

Canipa discusses the issues of low pay and overwork on anime simulcast translations, particularly at Crunchyroll, a company built on the foundations of unpai...

The Canipa Effect

OWLS June “Mindfulness” Tour: Shimada and Loving Shogi

Discussing the character of Shimada from March Comes in Like a Lion in the June OWLS post.

Animated Observations

Ten Commandments. Ten Anime.

Near Eastertime, our newest write, Gaheret, began developing a series meditating on the holiday and relating specifically to the Ten Commandments. With this morning’s post, the series has…

Beneath the Tangles

Anime Series That Are Good But Hard to Recommend

It is, this week, our fourth anniversary! I’ve been working on this site for four long years, and it is doing great despite sometimes feeling like I’m running…

Recommend Me Anime

OWLS May “Adapt” Tour: Rei and the Need to Adapt

In “March Comes in Like a Lion,” Rei deals with many challenges, often ones that require adaptation.

Animated Observations

Easter: Ten Anime for the Ten Commandments (I)

Christ is Risen, Alleluia! After the long wait, Easter comes in like a lion, even through the struggles of the pandemic. The circumstances make it a time for heroism…

Beneath the Tangles

Anime March Madness 2020: Round One (Day Two)

We kicked off the first set of matches yesterday and have four more for you today! Voting closes at 7:00 a.m. ET tomorrow. Remember that you can also…

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Manga the Week of 3/4/20

SEAN: March is coming in like a lion, unless you mean March Comes in Like a Lion the manga, that’s still unlicensed. But what else do we have?…

Manga Bookshelf

30 Day Anime Challenge Two: Day 29

It is day 29 of the second 30 Day Anime Challenge. #29: Favorite Anime Franchise Lol, I’m not even explaining this. March Comes in Like a Lion is…

Animated Observations

OWLS February "Legacy" Post: "March Comes in Like a Lion" and a Guide for Depression

"I have talked a number of times, and will continue to do so, about the impact that 'March Comes in Like a Lion.'"

Animated Observations

Gushing About “March Comes in Like a Lion,” But on this Blog

Welcome, weebs, to Ani- Oh, wait, this is supposed to be for Ayano. Hmmm, well I suppose it would not be a bad idea to potentially attract some…


A Decade of Anime – 2016

Here we are, the year that started the blog and had me watching more anime than ever before. Also the year with two of my favourite anime ever…

100 Word Anime

Anime Feminist’s Top 25 Anime of the Decade

The Roaring Twenties are right around the bend! Before we turn that corner and leave the Turbulent Tens behind us, we wanted to lavish some love on the…

Anime Feminist

TangleCast 68: Christmas Special

This Christmas Eve, we’re bringing you a quieter, more intimate episode of the TangleCast. Join Peter as he chats with Holly, David, and our editor, Marcelo, about their…

Beneath the Tangles

12 Days of Christmas: March Comes in Like a Lion

Day 9: Reason During the holiday season,we are surrounded by thoughts of gifts, vacation, and Christmas cheer. As I’m writing now, we are much closer to the Christmas…

Beneath the Tangles

Chica Umino Talks About How Western Children’s Literature Influenced Her Stories

In Japan, it is common for classics to be republished with modern manga-style cover art to appeal to  a younger audience. Shueisha did that for Anne of Green…


2018 Anime Year in Review

Overall this feels like one of the weaker years for anime in recent memory. Yes, I’m giving 3 “outstanding” ratings, but 2 of them are for series begun…


[12 Days 2018] Day 12: Best of Anime, Part 2!

Another year of anime and blogging in the books! Thank you all for reading the 12 Days of Anime posts until now. To end off, we take a…

Through the painting

[12 Days 2018] Day 11: Best of Anime, Part 1!

Welcome to Through the Painting’s third iteration of the annual Top Anime Awards! This is where I run through what I’ve seen of this year’s anime and award…

Through the painting

Featured image for Back to the anime life, for nowBackground image for Back to the anime life, for now

Back to the anime life, for now

Hello there! I’m back! …for a while at least. Unbelievable, it’s been 2 years since I posted anything! So what have I been up to? Mostly real life…

Cute Proxy's Anime Rants

Episode 563: After the Lion

Happy Father's Day! This week Joseph has plenty of Fire Emblem Tharja and Overwatch to talk about, and Andrew celebrates the recruitment of the VG Pulse hosts to…

Anime Pulse

How Studio Shaft Crafts the Perfect Montage (March Comes In Like a Lion)

In which I continue to be a pretentious fuck and break down as many details about March Comes In Like a Lion's opening episode in as much depth…

Caffeinated Telescopes

Rashomon and March Comes in Like a Lion

Matt Harvey was DFA’d?? Not to be confused with the Woken one, Matt Hardy. This is the Mets pitcher, and he’s been kind of bad since 2016 after…

Taiiku Podcast

March Comes in Like a Lion (Season 2) Ends

March Comes in Like a Lion (Crunchyroll) serves as a object lesson that you shouldn’t rely too much on first impressions. After the first episode of the first…


The Essence of Visual Storytelling (March Comes in Like a Lion Ep. 1)

Join me as I once again get myself off by looking waaaaaaay too deep into every single cut. March Comes in Like a Lion has a fantastic grasp of…

Caffeinated Telescopes

Bottom Two Anime of 2017, and All the Rest

And good-bye to 2017. Having covered my top shows for the year, it’s time to hit up the worsts and all the rest. Shows marked with an asterisk…

GAR GAR Stegosaurus

Featured image for My Top 14 Anime of 2017Background image for My Top 14 Anime of 2017

My Top 14 Anime of 2017

2016 didn’t really end when it became 2017 and this hellscape of a world continues to get increasingly stupid and hostile, but hey! At least the anime was…

Swabulous Max

2017 Anime Year in Review

2017 was like most years in anime: a lot of crap, some amusing but forgettable shows, some pretty good shows and a small number that seem like real…