Subscribers! Be sure to go to the blog to read the description easier & check out links for this episode!This month’s episode is another ReView! What is a “ReView” episode, you might ask? Well, it’s my highly-clever (ok not really) title for episodes where I go back and watch an older title I haven’t seen in a long time, and see if what I remember (and what my opinions on it) are still the same now that some time’s gone by. This month, in honor of all the Wrestlemania stuff I kept having to hear about, I’m revisiting a wrestling anime that could easily have been a random episode of Dirty Pair, except with character designs by Kenichi Sonoda. That’s right, it’s The Wanna-Be’s!Stream the episode above or [Direct Download]Subscribe on itunes | Stitcher | Google Play | Spotify Relevant Links:Buy The Wanna-Be’s on AmazonOther anime/manga mentioned in this episode: Dirty Pair, Bubblegum Crisis, Ultimate Muscle, Tiger Mask WA selection of more anime featuring wrestling on Anime PlanetSupport the work I do on this podcast by leaving me a tip on Ko-fi! Want to have your name read in the special thanks segment on the next episode? All you need to do is buy me 2 or more “coffees” on Ko-fi!As always, feel free to leave me your thoughts on this episode or ideas for future episodes here—or email me directly at for listening!

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