Well you knew they were going to spot Class B a win eventually. The odds seem strong that they’ll make sure to split the next few matches so the Deku match will be pivotal. I do kind of wish they managed to make it a bit more satisfying than this though. Class B had good avenues to win with solid strategy. But it feels more like they wanted to make Class A the better group without a doubt and yet still make them lose somehow. The only strong feeling I gained from this episode was a desire to see Dark Shadow smash mushroom girl’s face into the walls. That last move was both creepy and dangerous. Screwing up someone’s ability to breathe with mushroom that take a couple hours to disappear is crossing the line. Oh sorry Tokoyami, you just have to feel like you are dying for 3 hours. Seriously, just smash her face into the wall until she is KO’d. May not be able to capture her and it wouldn’t downright change the result of the match. But it would be plenty satisfying. And it would be a good reminder that you probably shouldn’t pull that stunt with people that have you in their grip and can bring the pain. Where’s Bakugou when you need him?

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