Are original stories superior to stories that are being adapted into a new medium? We answer that question by plunging into a tangible benefit of adapting material and counter it with a tangible benefit of creating an original story for the medium. Is this all I have to say about adaptation after speaking to it a couple dozen times over the last year? Absolutely not. This is the fourth video in the "analysis blitz" series - where I take submissions from viewers and randomly select one to try and produce a video on in 5 hours. Last time I succeeded by 15 minutes, this time I was off by about 3 hours. That'll show me for allowing people to post broad topics that I have to think about for multiple hours. Other Adaptation Videos: Kaguya: Shokugeki: My Hero: Misc. Muse #4: Every anime featured in this video in order of appearance: Dr. Stone / Dororo / Kaguya-sama wants to be confessed to / Noragami / Haikyuu / Legend of the Galactic Heroes / Hyouka / Steins;Gate / Kekkai Sensen / Code Geass / Psycho-Pass / Gurren Lagann / ulysses jeanne d'arc and the alchemist knight / Revisions / Alderamin on the Sky / Sangatsu no Lion / Girls Last Tour / SSSS Gridman / Bunguo Stray Dogs / 2001 / Fire Force / Oregairu / Violet Evergarden / 91 Days / Shokugeki no Soma / Attack on Titan / Darling in the Franxx / Zombieland Saga / My Hero Academia / Erased / Fate Unlimited Blade Works / Steins;Gate Zero / Megalobox / Log Horizon / Gin no Guardian / Kanata no Astra / Kyousougiga / Grand Blue / Quintuplets / Acca-13 / One Punch Man / The Promised Neverland / Sword Art Online: Alicization / Jojo's Bizarre Adventure / Hunter x Hunter / Amagami SS / Hanebado / Revue Starlight / World in Colors / Cowboy Bebop / Liz and the Bluebird Follow on Twitter: Support on Patreon: Join the Discord: -------------------------------------------------------------------- Music: Stepping Along - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OST Manager-chans - Haikyuu OST A Black Team - Haikyuu OST Tranquil Days - Octopath Traveler OST Thumbnail Art & Logo: Drawplex

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