Front-runner for the new season is a crime thriller which isn't exactly surprising...but it isn't Psycho-Pass Season 3. Babylon came out of nowhere to impress with incredible tight writing and pacing, clever visual and audio production, and one of the best anime interrogation scenes I've seen period. Power dynamics, shifting eyes, thematic callbacks and development - it's got it all. So here's a mostly spoiler free read on Babylon's Second Episode to breakdown just how these interrogation scenes work. #Babylon #Direction #Interrogation Follow on Twitter: Support on Patreon: Join the Discord: -------------------------------------------------------------------- Music: The State of My Life - Psycho-Pass OST Serious Piano - Hyouka OST Endless Rumors - Acca-13 OST Future Terror - Terror in Resonance OST Then there's the matter of you - Jessica Jones OST Thumbnail Art & Logo: Drawplex

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