After 3 long years of waiting, the story of Made in Abyss continues in movie form and what a continuation it is. Things get kooky and things get spooky as our child soldier heroes continue to plunge into the mysterious depths of the Abyss, fatefully encountering the white whistle Bondrewd, a man of science long since detached from his humanity as he seeks the Dawn. He, his gamer squad the Umbra Hand, and his qt daughteru Prushka are SURE to delight all and nothing bad will ever happen to them, definitely. Also the OST continues to be godlike, ty Kevin. Watch the movie. 🎞️ 6 Movie Studio Ghibli Collection (Save $20) 🎞️: ➤➤➤Support KHANTEHNT! on Subscribe Star: Bonus KH! episodes available to $10+ backers KHANTEHNT! Coming Soon (watch along with us): 10/4 ➤➤➤ Re:ZERO (S2 Eps. 1-5) 10/8 ➤➤➤ The God of High School (Eps. 9-13 FINALE) 10/11 ➤➤➤ Re:ZERO (S2 Eps. 6-9) 10/15 ➤➤➤ Deca-Dense (Eps. 9-12 FINALE) 10/18 ➤➤➤ Re:ZERO (S2 Eps. 10-13 FINALE) 10/22 ➤➤➤ Kanojo, Okarishimasu (Rent-A-Girlfriend) (Eps. 9-12 FINALE) Hosted by: ➤BGE: ➤Digi: Filmed and Edited by: ➤Vic: Review Reaction Analysis #KHANTEHNT #MadeInAbyss #DawnOfTheDeepSoul