As shit proceeds to get undeniably fucked, we at last hit the long awaited, LEGENDARY episode 18 of everyone's favorite wacky suffering-filled isekai show. Subaru hits his breaking point (but for REAL this time!) and Rem's gotta weaponize that femoid charm to the MAX. Also a whale is fought, that's p sugoi tbh famalam. TIME TO RESTART FROM ZERO HAHAHAHA TITLE DROP YEEEEEAHHHHHHH!!!!!! ➤➤➤Support KHANTEHNT! on Subscribe Star: Bonus KH! episodes available to $10+ backers KHANTEHNT! Coming Soon (watch along with us): 9/24 ➤➤➤ Kanojo, Okarishimasu (Rent-A-Girlfriend) (Eps. 1-4) 9/27 ➤➤➤ Revisiting Re:ZERO (S1 Eps. 22-25) 9/29 ➤➤➤ NEW BONUS KHANTEHNT! (SS $10+ backers) Hosted by: ➤BGE: ➤Digi: Filmed by: ➤Vic: Edited by: ➤NoNeedBruh: Review Reaction Analysis #KHANTEHNT #ReZERO