Subscribers! Be sure to go to the blog to read the description easier & check out links for this episode!This month’s episode is another ReView! What is a “ReView” episode, you might ask? Well, it’s my highly-clever (ok not really) name for episodes where I go back and revisit an older title I haven’t seen in a long time, and see if what I remember (and what my opinions on it) are still the same now that some time’s gone by. This month on the podcast: What does "furry” anime, Pokemon, and Critical Role all have in common? Why, a little somewhat forgotten OVA called KO Beast, that’s what! Find out just how as I revisit this fun little 90s fantasy adventure. (Also some rather somber talk at the end of the episode, which I saved for last in case you need to skip it.)Stream the episode above or [Direct Download]Subscribe on apple podcasts | Stitcher | Google Play | SpotifyRelevant Links for this episode: Buy all 3 KO Beast DVDs on AmazonListen to a clip of AnimeUK’s 1994 dub (which I found AFTER I recorded this episode, naturally!)Watch the opening to the first KO Beast PC Engine gameDonate to The Trevor ProjectVarious places you can donate to to support Black Lives MatterMy theme song music was done by Kerobit! You can find more of their music at!As always, feel free to leave me your thoughts on this episode or ideas for future episodes here—or email me directly at for listening!

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