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Featured image for Anime Series Like SakuganBackground image for Anime Series Like Sakugan

Anime Series Like Sakugan

The Labyrinth is an expansive space underground where humans live in colonies and many places remain unexplored. Due to the harsh conditions outside the colonies and the presence…

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Featured image for Ultramarine Magmell | ReviewBackground image for Ultramarine Magmell | Review

Ultramarine Magmell | Review

Today we look at the Netflix anime, Ultramarine Magmell and discuss if it’s worth watching.

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Anime Series Like Ultramarine Magmell

When a new continent known as Magmell emerged, it launched a new Age of Discovery among mankind. However, while it is filled with new flora and fauna, danger…

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20 Adventure Anime Series With a Real Sense of Discovery

“Adventure” is a pretty easy tag to slap onto your standard action anime, but not every anime series really captures that feeling of adventure. You know the feeling.…

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