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Tokyo Godfathers and Satoshi Kon

While it may not have the same strange atmosphere of his other acclaimed works, “Tokyo Godfathers” is still a fantastic film.

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Featured image for Tokyo Godfathers || Summer Film Spotlight #2Background image for Tokyo Godfathers || Summer Film Spotlight #2
Featured image for What older series would you like to see (re)licensed?Background image for What older series would you like to see (re)licensed?

What older series would you like to see (re)licensed?

What older, never licensed anime would you like to see licensed (by Discotek or others)? What previously licensed series would you like to see rescued? Is there a…

Anime Feminist

Episode 684: Uzaki-chan wa Godfathers

This week on Anime Pulse we got the dream jobs of Japanese elementary students, the best anime of 2020 according to us, and giant boobies are all it…

Anime Pulse

Featured image for Oldtaku no Radio #051 – Tokyo GodfathersBackground image for Oldtaku no Radio #051 – Tokyo Godfathers

Oldtaku no Radio #051 – Tokyo Godfathers

Three bums talk about three homeless people who find a baby. For our second installment of our Satoshi Kon episodes, Phillip rejoins us to talk about the Christmas…


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Apfelland Monogatari

For some time, BlueFixer has been looking for a better source to redo the 1992 movie Apfelland Monogatari ( The Tale of Apfelland ). When a ...

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It's Christmas Eve, my ningens, so lets take a gander at a story that begins on that very day: Tokyo Godfathers! Satoshi Kon's most "normal" film, TG is…



Now that Senku has made it to the village, it's time to MAKE ANTIBIOTICS to save the priestess and acquire manpower. In order to do so: gotta win…


Tokyo Godfathers: Love and The Kamikaze

Tokyo Godfathers, another masterpiece by the late Satoshi Kon, is an amazing romp through Japan as three transients attempt to find a dumpster baby's mother....

Bonsai Pop

Everything is Connected - A Spoiler-Filled Addendum

Tokyo Godfathers is an intricately interconnected film. In this spoiler-filled video I explore my favourite easy-to-miss details and thematic through lines o...

Beyond Ghibli

Tokyo Godfathers - What We Were Missing

At the end of a rough year, Tokyo Godfathers proves to be the film we all need right now. It's a Christmas movie that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the…

Beyond Ghibli

ANNIE'S BIG COOM: Attack on Titan (S1 E20-25) | KHANTEHNT!

Female titan. It's Annie. Who I ask you, WHO could have seen this coming? In a pretty cool sequence where we learn more about the Military Police as…



It's time to get STONED. After surviving the near-fatal confrontation with Tsukasa, Senku's wacky ways have gotten him off on a quest to recruit the natives ...



Now that we've settled things down in our new little monster kingdom, time for a WACKY-SMACKY NEW CHARACTER in the form of Milim the Demon Lord. With her…


RISE OF THE FEMOID TITAN: Attack on Titan (S1 E16-20) | KHANTEHNT!

Finally my gigantism fetish gets some much needed attention! So there's this big naked girl titan and she kills a lot of Freedom Riders and she seems a…



3700 years trapped in stone can really put a crick in your neck, huh? Dr. Stone is the hot new bitch on the block having become one of…


OSMcast? Show #167: Itsudatte My Santa!

Not all OSMcasts, like many things, are created equal. Most OSMcasts end in am exclamation point (!). Some end in a question mark (?). Because sometimes we have…

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Featured image for Merry Christmas (Anime Style)!: Tokyo GodfathersBackground image for Merry Christmas (Anime Style)!: Tokyo Godfathers

Merry Christmas (Anime Style)!: Tokyo Godfathers

Greetings, fabulous people of the Internet! Hanime on Anime here and happy holidays from yours truly! Today’s only review of December is on something of an unconventional Christmas…

Hanime on Anime

THE SLIME-ORC WARS: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (S1 E11-15) | KHANTEHNT!

Launching into our first big conflict, those pesky demon boys have sicced a gigantic orc hoard on our slimy boys. With the collective power of our allied mon...


Revisiting the Subject of Homelessness in Japan (with help from YouTube)

Welcome, all, again.  Things have been kind of grim lately, and the Coronavirus just keeps making inroads into our society.  Something that I’ve noticed as a police officer–particularly…

Another Anime Review


A retrospective on Satoshi Kon's career and life and the biggest problem that came with that Follow me on Twitter for Updates on Videos-


Tokyo Babylon (1992-94) Collaboration Review

By Ashley Capes & Curtis MonroeTokyo Babylon (Tokyo Babylon: A Save Tokyo City Story) 1992-1994 Hello! Today I’m hosting a collaboration with Curtis from Iridium Eye Reviews –…

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Sunday Select: 7 Favorite Anime of 2001 and 2003

best 2001 anime, best 2003 anime, noir, fruits basket 2001, Tokyo Godfathers, Spirited Away, Kino's journey, Wolf's Rain

Anime Rants

Featured image for Year 1 Issue 24Background image for Year 1 Issue 24

Year 1 Issue 24

Arcadia Dragnet, Year 1, Issue 24 June 10 - 16, 2020 Welcome back to Arcadia Dragnet! Still…

Arcadia Dragnet

Transgender Anime Characters — Then vs. Now

So today as part of our Niji Nights, we’re going to talk about something that I believe, has greatly improved in the realm of anime. And that? That…

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Featured image for Rainbow Releases: Winter 2020Background image for Rainbow Releases: Winter 2020

Rainbow Releases: Winter 2020

In 2018, we introduced an anime convention panel called Rainbow Releases to highlight LGBTQ-related anime and manga coming to the United States in English. As of this post’s publication,…

Coherent Cats

294 – Manga in Motion 43 – Paranoia Agent

On this episode dakazu finds the perfect manga for Manga Machinations with Olympia Kyklos and learns that Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 isn’t completely terrible. Then we cancel…

Manga Machinations

The Imaginarium of Satoshi Kon

If I were to define “imaginarium” (if it even can be defined), it’d be “a reality where you don’t know, or aren’t sure of, what is real.” While…


Popular Reviews from the Second 6 Months

So, this is the second set of these posts for Heap, where I highlight reviews (or posts) that ended up being the most popular across a certain span…

The Review Heap

The Power of Three: Tokyo Godfathers

The late Satoshi Kon was famous for playing sleight-of-hand with his characters. They were always existing at two or three different levels of reality or slipping around in…

Confessions of an Overage otaku

So, I Watched Tokyo Godfathers with My Wife. . .

Welcome, all, again.  As mentioned in the above title, I invited my wife along to see Tokyo Godfathers last night–and she said, “Yes.”  Now, this is extremely unusual. …

Another Anime Review

Weekly Round-Up, 12-18 February 2020: Basara Retrospective, Tokyo Godfathers Casting, and Wigs Tailored to Black Cosplayers

AniFem Round-Up Yuri is for Everyone: An analysis of yuri demographics and readership To investigate the claim that yuri is predominantly written for straight men, Nicki “YuriMother” Bauman…

Anime Feminist

Tokyo Godfathers Review [Collaboration with Curtis from Iridium Eye Reviews]

Greetings! Today I wanted to share my first collaboration post – Curtis and I have teamed up to review and discuss Satoshi Kon’s Tokyo Godfathers ? It was…

The Review Heap

Tokyo Godfathers: A Merry Satoshi Kon Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone! I’m just so happy that everything lined up for me to be able to post about this movie this year. 2019 seems like a year…

Mechanical Anime Reviews

Featured image for BONUS EPISODE: Tokyo Godfathers – Yuletide CharmBackground image for BONUS EPISODE: Tokyo Godfathers – Yuletide Charm

BONUS EPISODE: Tokyo Godfathers – Yuletide Charm

Shadon tackles another Patreon request, this time with the seminal Satoshi Kon directed Christmas classic Tokyo Godfathers. Join him as he covers the film’s technical and visual fidelity,…

warui deshou

Ani-Gamers Podcast #127 – Die-Harderman

Evan and David had to postpone the Pokémon episode until January, so in the last AGP episode of 2019 the hosts check in for some news and anime/video…


That Time Satoshi Kon made a Christmas Movie - Tokyo GodFathers

A video about that time that Satoshi Kon made a christmas movie. There are few anime christmas movies out there, and so Satoshi Kon's work sticks out…

Hiding in Public

Episode 97- A Christmas Special

It’s a Christmas Episode! This week on Getting Animated join me as I talk about one of my favorite Christmas anime movies Tokyo Godfathers!

Destiny Senpai

12 Days of Christmas Anime: Tokyo Godfathers

Day 7: Love I want to start this anime post by referencing a non-animated movie I recently watched. About a month ago, my husband and I saw Breakthrough,…

Beneath the Tangles

GKIDS Acquires Tokyo Godfathers; Plans 4K Restoration & New Dub

Earlier today, GKIDS announced that they acquired the North American theatrical and home video rights to Tokyo Godfathers. The publisher is producing a new English dub and a…

Anime Feminist

Redshift #32

This site’s been silent for too long! Our audience look up, and are not fed. But—with heartfelt apologies for the delay—we’re back. This post covers new material up…

Anime Redshift Chronicle

Featured image for r#76 – tokyo godfathersBackground image for r#76 – tokyo godfathers

r#76 – tokyo godfathers

It may surprise you to watch this movie, a story about three homeless people who serve a list permeated with actions of running and chasing, colourful beauty of…

#moe404, the not so great anime BLOG

#29 - TIAnime Christmas Special! - Tokyo Godfathers

Sully, Tobias, and Bill gather around the fireplace to chat about Satoshi Kon's Christmas classic. It's definitely the most obvious pick for our Christmas special this year, but…

Third Impact Anime Podcast

Featured image for “Tokyo Godfathers” Anime Movie Review:  A Hidden Masterpiece That Many Will EnjoyBackground image for “Tokyo Godfathers” Anime Movie Review:  A Hidden Masterpiece That Many Will Enjoy

“Tokyo Godfathers” Anime Movie Review: A Hidden Masterpiece That Many Will Enjoy

★Writer: Richard K. Moe Story: “On Christmas Eve, three homeless people residing in Tokyo — middle-aged alcoholic Gin, teenage runaway Miyuki, and former drag queen Hana — were…

Saechao Circulation

Featured image for Cowboy Bebop (TV Series Review)Background image for Cowboy Bebop (TV Series Review)

Cowboy Bebop (TV Series Review)

Director: Shinichiro Watanabe Company: Sunrise Year: 1998-1999 Country: Japan The anime for people who think…


OSMcast! Tokyo Godfathers 12-23-2013

It’s beginning to to look a lot like awesome. Everywhere you go~ It’s the most wonderful time of the year and so we decided to podcast about a most…

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Featured image for OtakuGeneration (Show #390) Tokyo GodfathersBackground image for OtakuGeneration (Show #390) Tokyo Godfathers

OtakuGeneration (Show #390) Tokyo Godfathers

  Shownotes :: (show 390 :: () :: () :: () :: () With Tokyo Godfathers, recorded live November 25th, 2012. This week watched the Satoshi Kon film Tokyo Godfathers.…

otakugeneration's Podcast