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Call Me Tonight

Pink Noise was a series of unrelated OVAs issues by C.Moon, the "adult" label of Bandai Visual. It consisted of four titles: Call Me Tonight...

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Year 1 Issue 26

Arcadia Dragnet, Year 1, Issue 26 June 24 - 30, 2020 Finally! Finally I'm all caught up! Welcome back to…

Arcadia Dragnet

Top 10 pre-2000 OPs & EDs

This is a topic loved by many anibloggers, so I’ll take the opportunity to take a look at it, too. My selection is based on the combination of…

Tea Time

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Noir Anime Review

Welcome to DubSub Anime Reviews Blog - Your source for anime reviews online! Search our reviews for suggestions on what to watch next!

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OtakuGeneration (Show #132) Fansubing

  NOTE: This was also cross posted in the otakugeneration LJ community. Shownotes :: (show 132) :: (website) :: (podcast feed) :: (direct download) :: (direct iTunes link) With Fansubbing, recorded…

otakugeneration's Podcast