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Summer 2020 Roundup.

A comprehensive list of where I am with the Summer 2020 lineup. These are either still ongoing in my watch-list, on hold or I just haven’t gotten around…


Season Review: Summer 2020

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Trash-Tier Waifu

Ninja Collection Is a Collection of Nightmares but Not the Good Kind | KHANTEHNT!

What if you took bone-chilling urban horror, stealthy sexy ninja boys, and animated the whole thing at a LIGHTNING FAST 1 frame per second??? You'd get NINJA COLLECTION,…


Revisiting Re:ZERO (S1 E1-4): Dying Again for the Very First Time | KHANTEHNT!

Time to back it up and rewatch watch the most popular anime of the last few years in preparation for the new season coming next year. An edgier…


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First Impressions - Summer 2020

An anime and manga blog, devoted to all kinds of amazing things from Japan. Reviews, articles, lists and more!

Otaku Nuts