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Monster Strike MV: Narrating a story through visuals alone.

Today I attempt to dissect the Monster Strike MV directed by Daiki Harashina and animated by the Fukushi team at studio Madhouse.


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Top 50 Anime of the Decade

A new decade starts and immediately everyone is stuck inside. I can’t really do much, so what better time to think about the past? The ’10s are well…

Please, no hate.

OtakuGeneration (Show #540) Fall Impressions

  Shownotes :: (show 540) :: (website) :: (podcast feed) :: (direct download) :: (direct iTunes link) With Fall Impressions, recorded live October 11th, 2015. This week we finished…

otakugeneration's Podcast

OSMcast! Kami-Con Season 7 4-17-2015

The OSMcast has returned! We have come back to to talk about all sorts of things! But primarily, Kami-Con, a fun anime con in Birmingham, Alabama. We talk…

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