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Homicide Trinity

detective fiction, 推理小説、games, mystery, murder, locked room, Japanese, translations,


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Kasei Yakyoku v2

When Orphan released Kasei Yakyoku in late 2018, we had to use a VHS tape for the first two episodes. At the time, I said we'd redo…

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The Green Cat v2

One of Orphan's earliest Tezuka Osamu projects was the set of six OVAs known as the Lion Books: 1 The Green Cat 1983 2 Rain Boy 1983 3…

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Ani-Gamers Podcast #143 – Bander’s Problematic Love Life with Vinnie Averello

Vinnie Averello from All Geeks Considered joins Evan to dive into the RetroCrush catalog with One-Million Year Trip: Bander Book, the first of Osamu Tezuka’s NTV specials. It’s…