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Anime Review 25 Little Witch Academia TV (Redux)

“Just you watch! I’m gonna become an amazing witch one day and make the whole world gasp in surprise!” Akko Kagari Little Witch Academia (TV) 2017 (Episode 5)…

TakaTempest Reviews

Anime Series Like Lapis Re:Lights

Leaving home behind, Tiara arrives at Flora Girls’ Academy and meets her old friend, Rosetta. At this academy, they train young witches to use spells for combat as…

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Top 5 Studio Trigger Projects

Studio Trigger is an animation studio established in 2011. Since then the studio has produced several high quality anime.

Otaku Orbit

Little Witch Academia: Reconstructing the Magical Girl Genre

Puella Magi Madoka Magica changed the game for magical girl anime. Long associated with cutesy fare like Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura, Madoka opened the floodgates for dark,…

Starting Life From Zero

#23 - Con-versations - Anime Weekend Atlanta 2017!

For way longer that we intended to, Jon, Tori, and Austin chat together about our experiences at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2017! We discuss Jon's behind-the-scenes experience, how our…

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