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Top 5 Anime With Bad First Episodes

Sometimes a really great show has a bad first episode and that can discourage some viewers. These are 5 times I'm glad I stuck with it.

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Anime Series Like Assault Lily: Bouquet

Humanity is pushed to the brink by an entity known as Huge. To combat this, a weapon called CHARM was developed. Best used by teen girls, these young…

Recommend Me Anime

Granbelm – Ep. 3

Who is the one supporting and who is the one who is supported?

Xenodude's Scribbles

Granbelm – Ep. 2

Rewatching this episode and knowing where Mangetsu’s arc goes, things hit a lot more differently for me.

Xenodude's Scribbles

Granbelm – Ep. 1

Truth be told, I really regret not covering “Granbelm” when it aired.

Xenodude's Scribbles

Gattai Girls 11: “Granbelm” and Kohinata Mangetsu

Introduction: “Gattai Girls” is a series of posts dedicated to looking at giant robot anime featuring prominent female characters due to their relative rarity within that genre. Here,…


Objectivity, subjectivity, bias, impartiality: my personal reviewing philosophy

My philosophy for rating anime has changed over the years – all in the hope of becoming more accountable for my opinions.

SpaceWhales Anime Blog

Anime Corner: Granbelm Review

This is Granbelm! What’s the Story? 1,000 years ago all magical power in the world was sealed away. Now, under the light of the full moon, candidates to…

Never Argue with a Fish

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2019 is oooover! It was an… interesting year. On the personal side, I released my first game, improved my reach on Twitter, made a whole bunch of music,…

Please, no hate.

Anime Feminist’s Top Picks for 2019

Our two-week recommendations extravaganza comes to an end with the staff's Best of 2019 list! The post Anime Feminist’s Top Picks for 2019 appeared first on ANIME FEMINIST.

Anime Feminist

A Story of Reasons: My 2019 Anime Year in Review

There will be a few confessions made, and some resolutions declared. It’s the end of the year after all! It’s time to look forward, even as we reflect…

Mage in a Barrel

SpaceWhales’ Top Components & Moments of Anime in 2019

With the top anime of 2019, overall, out of the way, let's look a little closer at the bits that made each anime what they were, shall we?

SpaceWhales Anime Blog

12 Days 2019, Day 7: If you Die in the Granbelm

Granbelm was one of 2019’s biggest surprises, I had no idea what to expect going in and it ended up being my favourite new series of the year.…

The Anime Duck Compendium

Worth Reading – 10/31/2019

New rule for Worth Reading – five entries, or end of the month, whichever comes first.  By the luck of the draw, I hit both about the same…

Apprentice Mages Lounge.

Granbelm Episode 13: A Better World

So here we are, at the end of Granbelm. While for the most part I’ve loved the show a lot there’s  always been an edge of caution to…

The Anime Duck Compendium

Q&A with Granbelm’s Armanox Designer and Chief Animation Director, Jimmy Stone

With permission, these questions and answers were taken from Jimmy Stone’s question box that he answers on his twitter. — When I see the design for the secondary…

Cries In Newtype

Granbelm Episode 12: A Thousand Years

This episode managed the improbable feat of actually making me feel sorry for Suishou. So that’s impressive. She’s always been more of a force of nature than a…

The Anime Duck Compendium

Anime Season Review: Summer 2019

Support me on patreon at Follow me on Twitter to stay up to date with my video content Taking a look at Katsute Kami Datta Kemono-tachi e (To The Abandoned…

Trash-Tier Waifu

Granbelm Episode 11: Goodbyes

As the final showdown with Suisho draws near, Granbelm took some time off for a picnic. The show’s “everything important happens on the night of the full moon”…

The Anime Duck Compendium

Pilgrimage Shorts: Spec-Ops Asuka

Welcome to the first installment of Pilgrimage Shorts. Join me as I retread the most memorable anime pilgrimages from my last trip to Japan. I already wrote about…


Granbelm episode 10: Dolls

Well this is late but what the hey. My excuse is that a lot happened in this episode and I needed time to mull it over (it’s acutally…

The Anime Duck Compendium

Granbelm Episode 9: Truth

Somewhat obviously for an episode putting Suisho at the center of things there was a lot of deception at work this episode. These lies were also coupled with…

The Anime Duck Compendium

Granbelm Episode 8: Absence

This week’s episode was heavily focused on the gaps left by things that aren’t there anymore, and how the absence of something can be just as revealing as…

The Anime Duck Compendium

Granbelm Pilgrimage to Lake Biwa

Granbelm is not the greatest show ever made, nor is it as picturesque as a Shinkai flick, but it was interesting enough for us to reserve time for…


Episode 617: Summer 2019 Previews #6

Why do the Japanese like cats? Would you start a war over your waifu? And if you wrote an isekai what would it's premiss be? These questions and…

Anime Pulse

Granbelm Episode 7: Hot and Cold

The inevitable showdown between Anna and Shingetsu finally became unavoidable this week, and the show didn’t pull any punches. While not a single long battle like Nene’s the…

The Anime Duck Compendium

Granbelm episode 6: Chasing the Ideal

Weirdly enough that’s sort of novel these days. I apreciate the show continuing to not be suffering porn. Nene got over her loss last week surprisingly quickly, tracking…

The Anime Duck Compendium

Granbelm Episode 5: A short girl’s long fight

This episode was one long drawn out battle and it was spectacular. The show’s always looked good but they definitely went all out this episode. Beamspam happened, big…

The Anime Duck Compendium

[AniFemTalk] What genre mashups would you like to see?

GRANBELM has brought magical girls and mecha back together. What other genres could use a shakeup? Favorite series that mixes genres? What two genres would you like to…

Anime Feminist

Granbelm Episode 4: Teaming up

As expected this week’s episode was fairly Nene centric, although not necessarily in the way I’d expected. Rather than having her act as the central figure of the…

The Anime Duck Compendium