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Deca-Dence is an original anime series by studio Nut. It has some great characters, an interesting world, and a fast pace.


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First Impressions - Summer 2020

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Otaku Nuts

FLCL Alternative

Ace Comicals’ Leon Everett returns for the third part of the FLCL trilogy – FLCL Alternative. Plus the Anime Ranking Game appears for the first time in ages. The…

The Dynamite In The Brain Anime Podcast

OSMinterview! Martin Billany aka LittleKuriboh and Marianne Miller @ MTAC Lunar

OK sure, MTAC Lunar just wrapped up, but we could not wait to get you this episode! We got the chance to sit down and chat with both…

OSMcast! Anime, Games, Interviews, & More!

OSMinterview! Marianne Miller @ Hamacon 9

Hi everybody! This time around we have got yet another awesome interview for you! At Hamacon 9, we had the chance to sit down with Marianne Miller, whom…

OSMcast! Anime, Games, Interviews, & More!

Episode 574: Banana in the Franxx: Alternative

This week on Anime Pulse, there's no intro music! That's right, Joseph has put his foot down and has decided to make our dear listeners find something better…

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